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Magix Video Pro X Review

MAGIX Video Pro X continually makes great improvements to its toolset.

Our Verdict

MAGIX Video Pro X is a great alternative to higher-priced and subscription-based programs.


  • Once you buy the software, it's yours
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Doesn't work on Macs

MAGIX Video Pro X is video editing software that is gaining ground on the established industry-standard names. Over the past few years, MAGIX has steadily improved its pro video editing application by adding features and updating existing ones. It’s powerful enough to satisfy hobbyists and prosumers who need advanced pro tools but don’t have the experience to operate industry-standard editors.

This professional video editing program shines in its wide format compatibility. It can import more video file types than any other product we reviewed, so no matter what kind of media you have, it’s a good bet that it plays well with MAGIX. It also has a good array of camera compatibility; DSLRs, XDCams and most other card-based cameras are supported.

MAGIX Video Pro X gets progressively better with each new version. In recent years, MAGIX has added features that allow you to edit 360-degree and 6K video and provide multicam support for up to nine cameras. It has also taken great strides to improve the software’s interface and workflow to make it as versatile and usable as programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X.

This application is also friendly to newcomers in the professional video editing field. It has a basic mode you can enable if you don’t have advanced skills but still want the advanced tools and power required to create professional-grade videos. If you don’t have any experience with pro video editing software, this might be the best application to learn on.

Another mark in this application's plus column is that it has all the export and production features we look for in professional video editing applications. You can upload your finished products directly to the internet from the program, and you can even author DVDs and Blu-ray discs without third-party software. Arguably, the most useful feature is that you can export your projects into ultra-HD resolutions, which is perfect for movie theaters and the cutting-edge televisions being sold in stores today.

At the time of this writing, you can purchase this program for about $400. And while that is the average among the programs we reviewed, it does have one distinct advantage: Once you pay for the program, it’s yours with no subscription fees. Several of the best programs charge you a monthly or yearly fee to use the software. This means if you fall on hard financial times, you may lose access to your software. That is not a worry with Video Pro X, and one of the reasons we named it our best value pick.

One thing we’d like to see MAGIX do is create a version of this software for Macintosh computers, as it would be a fine alternative to Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer.

Video Pro X is a worthy entry in our review of the best professional video editing software. It’s a great value and MAGIX continually improves its feature set. Also, it allows you to make professional-grade videos even if you have little experience with professional editing software.

J.D. Chadwick
J.D. Chadwick joined the Top Ten Reviews team in 2008 and has been one of our most prolific content creators. Originally the head writer of the video content department, he was essential in the creation of hundreds of review videos. Additionally, he created, wrote and produced the daily tech news show Top Ten Reports throughout its 2009-2011 run. Since 2011 he has created content and articles on a wide variety of our product categories. With over a decade of service at Top Ten Reviews, he has produced thousands of articles, reviews and videos on hundreds of topics. He is currently our Multimedia and Home Improvement Editor.