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Quick! The Fitbit Sense smartwatch is $100 off in this Amazon Prime Day deal

Fitness trackers - Fitbit
(Image credit: Fitbit)

The Fitbit Sense health and sports watch is perfect for anyone looking to track their workouts on a deeper level, and right now it’s $100 off at Amazon, now on sale for $199.95 (was $299.95). If you're keen to track everything to do with your body, from the steps you take each day to how your heart health is performing, and how well you're sleeping, this is the sports watch for you.

This $100 saving is the one of the biggest discounts we’ve spotted on the Sense, which also makes it the biggest of the Prime Day Fitbit deals we’ve seen so far. The Fitbit Sense is the premium watch offering from the health and wellness giant, and made a big splash because of its stress-tracking functionality when it debuted.

It'll look good while you're at work, but when you hit the gym is where it really comes into its own. The Fitbit Sense is just one of the many Amazon Prime Day USA deals now popping up during this momentous sales season, and it's a particularly great offer if you're looking to get fit for less.

| Now $199.95 at Amazon

Fitbit Sense | Was $299.95 | Now $199.95 at Amazon
The Fitbit Sense tracks your steps, calorie intake, and sleeping pattern. It also has a built-in GPS for tracking your pace and distance accurately, with sensors for detecting heart rhythm irregularities and spotting when you're stressed making it a useful tool for everyone. 

The Fitbit Sense is a culmination of years of Fitbit establishing its reputation of offering some of the best fitness trackers out there. It’s more than just a way to track the basics though - it’s stuffed with plenty of market-leading features such as an EDA Scan app that detects electrodermal activity. By doing so, it can identify your body's response to stress giving you insight into how your day has gone. 

A Fitbit ECG app also spots anytime you may be suffering from a heart rhythm irregularity, encouraging you to visit your doctor if so. The features don't stop there either, with an on-wrist skin temperature sensor and the ability to see your nightly blood oxygen levels too. Think of it as like the most advanced Fitbit smartwatch out there and you’d be right. 

Simply put, there are a lot of different ways to monitor your health and Fitbit has combined many of the most important ones here and all within a stylish exterior that wouldn’t look out of place at work or during a night out. 

The Fitbit Sense looks like a regular smartwatch and offers other more frivolous features such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support, along with the ability to set reminders and check out the latest news, but its strongest features are easily its health tools. If you're keen to see how your body is doing at all times, you won't be disappointed by just how comprehensive the Fitbit Sense is. 

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