Revolution Prep versus TutorMe: Which is better?

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Online tutoring is growing in popularity and platforms like Revolution Prep and TutorMe offer a safe, remote learning environment for students who can’t access traditional in-person classes. While online learning can’t replace face-to-face teaching, online tutoring platforms are trying their hardest to make virtual learning more effective and convenient for students all over the world with features like whiteboard tools and peer interaction forums. 

Interested in exploring different online tutoring platforms before you make an investment? Take a look at our guide to the best online tutoring services. But among the available options, Revolution Prep and TutorMe particularly stand out because of the wide variety of subjects they cover and the tools and resources they offer. Both platforms have their pros and cons, so consider your learning goals and needs before choosing a platform. 

To help you choose between the two online tutoring platforms, this article will break down their similarities and differences, while offering an overview of which features will best suit your current needs. 

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Subjects covered

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Revolution Prep covers over 30 academic subjects plus SAT/ACT/PSAT test prep so you can be prepared for most exams. The specific subjects include sub-topics in math, science, computer science, and literature, covering a wide base of concepts for comprehensive preparation. 

TutorMe offers almost 10x as many subjects covering 300+ topics in social science, math, humanities, science, history, foreign language, engineering, and computer science.  

Verdict: TutorMe is a clear winner here with more variety of topics covered, so if you’re studying multiple subjects at once, we recommend choosing TutorMe over Revolution Prep.  

Tools and features

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Revolution Prep offers live online tutoring sessions, guidance from full-time tutors, self-scheduling on the tutor’s calendar, and all the typical virtual learning tools. The best part? Students can also opt for group tutoring and get homework help when they’re in a crunch.

TutorMe offers 24*7 tutoring so you can access help any time you need. The platform also has a Writing Lab feature where students can submit their assignments for feedback. Finally, just like most other online tutoring apps, TutorMe comes with a virtual whiteboard, text editor, audio/video chat, screen sharing options, and other learning tools. 

Verdict: Both platforms have similar tools and features, but the major difference is that TutorMe has a “matching” feature where the student is assigned a tutor immediately for urgent help. So if you’re on a deadline, TutorMe may offer a faster service. This platform also has the above-mentioned Writing Lab service, where you can get feedback on a particular piece of work — useful if you have an assignment you're worried about. 

Tutor vetting process

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The biggest reason users choose to invest in the Revolution Prep tutoring platform is that they hire full-time tutors who have extensive training in their field. Every tutor on the platform undergoes 150 hours of annual training and development and they only hire people who score in the top 10% on the subjects so you’re sure to get high-quality learning and homework help. 

TutorMe only accepts about 4% of its applicants so their vetting process is also fairly rigorous. The tutors hired come from elite universities like Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, and MIT and need to show “demonstrated tutoring or teaching experience” so you’re guaranteed to get a professional learning experience. 

Verdict: Both Revolution Prep and TutorMe vet their tutors pretty thoroughly so you will find subject matter experts on either platform. The only difference is that Revolution Prep has full-time tutors and TutorMe hires experts on a per-hour basis. 


Revolution Prep

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Revolution Prep offers private 1:1 tutoring starting at $1,398 for 12 hours of learning. Here, you can fully customize your schedule and get personal attention for all your subjects. The platform also offers a 1:3 tutoring program where one tutor teaches a batch of up to 3 students. This starts at $199 for 5 hours. If you want something cheaper, Revolution Prep also has a group tutoring plan where 1 tutor works with 8 students at once. This starts at $499 for 12 hours. The platform also offers a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with your teaching across the first 30 days or six hours. 

TutorMe has flexible pricing. You can choose to pay as you go with a “$1 per minute of tutoring” plan if you’re not yet sure of how much help you need. The platform also offers fixed-fee plans starting at $69 a month for 2 hours of coaching, $119 a month for 4 hours of coaching, and $209 a month for 8 hours of coaching. The $209 plan can be affordable if you need more than 8 hours of coaching as the rates for extra help here are 44¢ per additional minute.  

Verdict: TutorMe definitely seems like the cheaper plan here, so if that's a key deciding factor in your choice of online tutors then go with that platform. 


If you absolutely have to choose, we recommend picking TutorMe for its subject variety and flexible pricing. But we would also recommend you consider Revolution Prep for its highly trained tutors and group tutoring programs.

Revolution Prep offers fewer subjects but the tutoring platform has full-time tutors so you can work with the same tutor regularly. On the other hand, TutorMe has a wide variety of subjects so you can choose to work with various experts for a more comprehensive learning experience. So if you’re double majoring or studying in a school with different subjects, we recommend going for TutorMe. 

In terms of pricing, TutorMe offers more flexible plans which can be more affordable if you buy a long-term tutoring plan. Revolution Prep is a bit rigid as you’re forced to buy at least 5 hours of tutoring services from the first day, which can seem a bit daunting for students new to the world of online learning. It's one of more expensive online tutoring platforms currently available. 

Finally, when choosing between the two platforms, think about your learning needs. Do you need 24*7 help? Then choose TutorMe. Do you need consistency and accountability by working with the same tutor regularly? Then choose Revolution Prep. Do you learn better in a group setting? Then choose the “Group Tutoring” option on Revolution Prep. 

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