Wyzant versus Skooli — which is better?

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As education moved online during the lockdown months, e-learning platforms like Wyzant and Skooli started gaining attention. The accessibility provided by technology, combined with both apps’ diverse subject offerings makes these two top the list of popular tutoring services across the United States. 

Whether you are new to the world of online tutoring, or a seasoned learner looking to try a new platform, both Wyzant and Skooli have much to offer. They both have their pros and cons, so it might help to focus on your learning needs to see which platform is the right fit for you. 

To help you choose between the two platforms Wyzant and Skooli, in this article we will break down the major similarities and differences between them and highlight which one you should choose based on your unique learning needs. 

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Wyzant versus Skooli: Subjects covered

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Currently, Wyzant offers tutoring across 275+ subjects including mathematical courses like algebra and calculus, technical courses like electrical engineering, foreign languages like Spanish, creative courses like writing, and many more. The platform is said to have over 80,000 tutors so you are sure to find much variety and a large pool of knowledge and resources to draw from. 

Skooli offers tutoring in various subjects including languages like Spanish, French, Chinese, ESL, science courses like physics, chemistry, biology, humanities courses like history, reading, writing, business, and finance courses like accounting, marketing, and economics. 

VERDICT: Wyzant undoubtedly offers more variety in its subjects here, so if that's more important to you go with this platform. You can pick up obscure languages on the platform and learn things like coding and project management too. 

Wyzant versus Skooli: Tutor vetting process

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To register on Wyzant, tutors have to undergo a rigorous vetting process which includes submitting qualification documents, taking proficiency quizzes, highlighting their professional experience, and describing their tutoring knowledge. However, the platform does not conduct any background checks on the tutors who apply to join the platform. 

Skooli asks potential tutors to submit identity proof, educational and professional qualifications, copies of teaching licenses, and other necessary information to vet their identity and skill level. Skooli also asks applicants to submit a criminal record check completed within the last 6 months before applying to become a tutor on the platform. 

VERDICT: We think that Skooli wins this round, thanks to taking the extra step and running background checks on its tutors. That said, we did see plenty of four and five star reviews left for tutors on Wyzant when we tested out the platform. 

Wyzant versus Skooli: Tools and features

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Wyzant offers a wide range of features to enable efficient learning. These include live teaching and 1:1 lessons so every student can get the type of personalized guidance they need. Tutors and students can also make use of a digital whiteboard for better explanations and conducting interactive sessions. Finally, the platform also offers free online resources to facilitate additional learning. It's worth pointing out that Wyzant also offers in-person tutoring, but for the purpose of this comparison we're only comparing the online tools and features. 

Skooli also offers an effective learning environment with the help of various tech tools. For instance, each session includes live chat bubbles so students can communicate with their tutors. This feature is especially helpful for students who hesitate to speak directly with their teachers. Similar to Wyzant, Skooli also offers online whiteboard and drawing tools for effective teaching. Finally, along with its flat-fee tutoring service, the platform also provides flexible payment plans to accommodate different learning needs (more on that below). 

VERDICT: It's a draw on this one, as both platforms offer various bits of tech to help with the teaching process. Both websites offer that handy interactive whiteboard — and you can record lessons, to refresh your memory later if needed. 

Wyzant versus Skooli: Cost

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Tutors set their own rates on the Wyzant platform and some tuition is available for as cheap as just $10 per hour. This is tremendously helpful for students on a budget who can’t invest a huge sum in online tutoring just yet. The cost of a tutoring session on Wyzant can range anywhere between $10 to $100, but a representative of the platform said an average session tends to cost between $35-$65 per hour. The best part? The payment plan is pay-as-you-go so you only pay for the tutoring time you actually use. You don’t have to pay any upfront or monthly fees. You can choose your own time and pay what you can afford. 

Skooli can be both expensive and affordable depending on how you plan on paying for and using the platform. For instance, currently, the app offers two types of payment plans. If you want to work with a pay-as-you-go model, you will be charged $0.82 per minute for however long your tutoring session lasts. 

If you want more commitment, you can consider buying one of their fixed payment plans. There are three plans available: Genius, which costs $352 for eight hours ($0.73 per minute), Mastermind, which costs $672 for 16 hours ($0.70 per minute), and Einstein, which costs $1,248 for 32 hours ($0.65 per minute).

Neither company makes you commit to subscriptions, which is a plus, and both offer guarantees of some sort too. Not satisfied with your first Skooli session? Skooli will give you another 30 minutes for free. And if you're unimpressed with your Wyzant lesson, you can get a refund.

VERDICT: We like a clear and simple payment plan, as they make it easier to budget. Because of this (and its money-back guarantee) Wyzant just about wins this round — but we'd prefer that both companies were more upfront and adopted a model like Remind, where you know how much everything will cost you before you commit. 

Wyzant versus Skooli: Which is better?

We rate Wyzant really highly, partly because it offers such a wide range of subjects. We also think that it has a slightly more straightforward payment plan, which is why we rank it above Skooli in our guide to the best online learning platforms. (As mentioned above though, both platforms could benefit from having a more simple set of payment options.)

Skooli does have a reputation at being especially impressive when it comes to math tutoring, so that may be the better option if this is your chosen subject. But Wyzant offers the more watertight guarantee, as it will cough up for a refund if you're unhappy with your first hour of tutoring. 

As such, we think Wyzant is the slightly better platform. Whichever one you choose, make sure you put some time into carefully selecting your own tutor on the platform, to ensure that they're a good match for your learning needs.

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