Rosetta Stone Father's Day deal: Save $20 on the unlimited languages lifetime subscription

Rosetta Stone Father's Day Deal
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This year's Rosetta Stone Father's Day deals have just landed, and amongst the offerings is the chance to save $20 on the unlimited languages lifetime subscription. Now reduced to just $179, this package grants access to the full 24 languages available on the platform: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese and many more. 

A lifetime subscription means that you'll never have to pay top-up fees and you can learn as many languages as you like using this top-rated software. The RRP for the lifetime subscription is actually $299, but it's regularly discounted to just $199. This special Father's Day deal goes a little further and slashes the price right down to $179.

We've tried and tested a lot of language learning apps, websites and platforms, but Rosetta Stone always comes out on top. It's the number one pick in our guides to the best learn Spanish online courses and the best learn French online apps and websites, too. 

Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription | RRP $299 | Now $179

Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription | RRP $299 | Now $179

Rosetta Stone is our top pick for language learning, offering a comprehensive set of tracking tools and an immersive approach to teaching. You can currently grab the lifetime subscription package for just $179, which means you'll have access to learning materials to 24 different languages for the rest of your life.

One of our favorite things about Rosetta Stone is that it approaches learning in an immersive way. When you start your lessons – on either the app or the desktop portal – you'll immediately be plunged into the language you want to learn. All buttons, phrases and guidance will be delivered in the language, so you get used to the different spellings and pronunciations quickly.

We're also impressed by its comprehensive tracking tools, which allow you to easily map your progress. This feature breaks down your performance in pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing and speaking. It's an especially useful tool for those with a lifetime subscription who want to learn multiple languages, as it helps you quickly identify problem areas.

The platform does have live tutoring available, although this usually costs a little extra. But anyone who wants to test their pronunciation should also find the in-built AI tool quite useful, as this uses your device's microphone to listen to and correct your accent.

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