This best-selling Mecity espresso machine deal is discounted by almost 70% at Walmart — it's a clearance offer not to be missed

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Coffee makers can be pretty pricey sometimes, but if you're looking for a high quality caffeine kick without a big price tag Walmart has a seriously discounted deal for you. The Mecity 20 Bar Espresso Machine has a sticker price of $219.99, but while stocks last Walmart has knocked a massive $150 off the price, taking it down to just $69.99.

That's a low price for any coffee maker, but when you consider that this Mecity model has 20 bar pressure and its own built-in frother that's a lot of coffee power for not a lot of money.

This is one of the best coffee makers for versatility (in our mind), because espresso isn't just a solo drink: it's also the foundation of many of your favorite coffees, such as luscious lattes and creamy cappuccinos. The inclusion of a milk frother means you've got everything you need to make all kinds of creamy coffee as well as those essential single or double shot espressos.

Mecity 20 Bar Espresso Machine: was $219.99 now $69.99 at Walmart (save $150)

Mecity 20 Bar Espresso Machine: was $219.99 now $69.99 at Walmart (save $150)

Espresso makers aren't just for espresso: they also make great lattes, cappucinos, mochas and Americanos with a little bit of help from the included milk frother. This cute espresso machine has a top warming zone for your cups, a choice of single or double shots and its own steam wand.

Price check: Amazon $169.99

Mecity 20 Bar Espresso Machine: key features

This is one of the cheapest espresso makers we've seen in some time, but it doesn't skimp on features. The main coffee machine delivers single or double espresso shots via its twin pourers, which mean you can make a double shot for yourself or a single shot for two. 

The warming zone on top pre-warms your cups to maximise flavor, and the air pressure meter shows you when it's time to make the coffee magic happen.

The water reservoir here is a generous 37 fl. oz, which means you won't be rushing to refill it after a couple of shots, and the included steam wand / milk frother is adjustable to suit different sizes of cups. 

The drip tray is removable too, not just for cleaning but so you can accommodate much larger cups and glasses.

The portafilter — the bit where the water meets the coffee — has two filter caps, one for two-cup pours and one for single-cup. 

Pressure is really important when it comes to making espresso, and there's a strong 20 bar pressure here that's ideal for making amazing coffee and for frothing up milk to the perfect velvety texture. And the machine itself is built tough to withstand that pressure thanks to its 304 stainless steel construction. It's also designed in such a way that it's easy to clean.

Despite the large reservoir and solid construction this coffee maker won't take up too much space on your counter. Its dimensions are 11.8 x 4.93 x 11.2in (h x w x d).

The only real downside to an espresso maker like this is that it takes a little time to warm up. But as seasoned espresso enjoyers we can promise that the results are worth waiting for.

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Many coffee makers are sold at deep discounts because retailers know they're often products we lust after but don't want to pay full price for. That means it's always a good idea to shop around, and to be flexible: if model X isn't currently available with a deep discount, model Y often is.

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