Rumor: Apple about to launch first proper outdoors, extreme sports watch

Rumor: Apple about to launch first proper outdoors, extreme sports watch
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According to an unnamed Apple source, a rugged Apple Watch Extreme Sports model could be on its way with the company presumably keen to expand its target audience. The news stems from a source who recently spoke to Bloomberg explaining that internal discussions have taken place regarding a more outdoors friendly version of the Apple Watch.

The thinking behind a potential outdoors-focused Apple Watch Extreme Sports model is that it could take on competition from the likes of Garmin, which has the hikers' market neatly sewn up right now. It seems it's not the first time that such a watch has been considered by Apple either, with the report suggesting that an 'extreme sports' version of the device was considered back in 2015 alongside the original Apple Watch. If it does go ahead this time around, don't expect to see it until 2021 or 2022. Would it be enough to claim another spot on our best smartwatch roundup? It's certainly plausible given the all-around quality of Apple Watches.

So, what could a more rugged Apple Watch look like? We can't see there being much of a change to the general appearance of the Apple Watch but it seems highly likely that battery life will be improved as well as durability. Both features are what's made Garmin's range of watches so popular with battery life lasting weeks with certain models.

A reliable battery life means you can hike all day long without worrying about your GPS draining your battery, while the latter means a few knocks against trees or rocks isn't an issue like it would be with other smartwatches. A rubber exterior and military-level durability is truly an essential when you're going off-road with your rural explorations so the Apple Watch Extreme Sports Edition will need that, along with an improvement to the Apple Watch's typical 18 hour battery life. 

Rumor: Apple about to launch first proper outdoors, extreme sports watch

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Bloomberg's source believes that the new rugged model would most likely be sold alongside existing models in a similar vein to the Apple Watch Nike and Hermes editions. For now, there's no guarantee of its release after Apple refused to make an official comment but with the company usually launching new models in September, we may find out more later this year as to whether it truly is a viable thing. 

If you're looking to upgrade your technology as an avid hiker or rock climber, it might be worth waiting around to see what comes next. Want a more inexpensive way to track your activity? Check out our best fitness trackers to find the right one for you.

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