Samsung and Smeg are donating millions of dollars and products to help with the coronavirus pandemic

Samsung and Smeg are donating millions of dollars and products to help with the coronavirus pandemic
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Samsung, Dyson, Smeg and other brand giants are turning their hands to creating products to help people affected by the coronavirus outbreak. 

Dyson, normally known for its impressive products including the best vacuums, has now started making ventilators to support Covid-19 patients. Receiving an order from the British government for 10,000 ventilators, Dyson has created a model called CoVent, which is awaiting approval to be used to support patients. The company will also donate an additional 5,000 ventilators. 

As well as Dyson, Samsung is providing $29 million in funding for crucial medical equipment, as well as donating its smartphones and tablets to patients with the virus, helping them to stay in touch with their families and friends. The company is also donating its devices to places of education to help its students learn at home. 

Across the globe, many huge brands are also doing their bit to help out - using skilled workers, equipment or vital funding. Teaming up with GE Healthcare and 3M, Ford Motor Company has begun making medical equipment for first responders and patients. Ford also aims to create 100,000 face masks a week to further aid healthcare workers. 

Ford’s executive chairman, Bill Ford, said: “This is such a critical time for America and the world. It is a time for action and cooperation. By coming together across multiple industries, we can make a real difference for people in need and for those on the front lines of this crisis.”

And it’s not just engineering and tech companies getting involved either. American mattress company, Serta Simmons Bedding has announced on its social media, it will support New York hospitals by donating 10,000 mattresses

Serta Simmons Bedding’s pledge to help comes after New York City hospitals were asked to increase their bed capacity by 50%. The mattress company has joined forces with Relief Bed International - a company which normally provides beds for the homeless. 

At a time of great uncertainty, it seems that more and more huge companies will step forward to help out. 

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