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Quick! The Samsung Galaxy S9 is still almost half price with this Amazon Prime Day deal – ends tonight

samsung galaxy s9
(Image credit: Samsung)

There's only a few hours left of Amazon Prime Day now – but you can still buy the Samsung Galaxy S9 – which is arguably the best smartphone of last year – for just $349 (or £499.99 if you're in the UK). That's a spectacular 43% discount this Amazon Prime Day, giving you flagship performance at a fraction of the price. This is undoubtedly one of the best Amazon Prime deals we've seen so far. 

The S9 Prime Day deals don't end there. If you like your screens big then the 6.2-inch Samsung Galaxy S9+ is available for just $449.99.

Just to get a handle on how good a deal this is the Galaxy S9 launched in March last year and was on sale for $719. That means it is now less than half its original price. The S9+ launched at $840, so the new deal means a saving of $390. 

These are still very much high-end phones. You've got stunning infinity display QHD Super AMOLED screens, fantastic front and rear cameras that can shoot UHD 4K video and solid battery life, particularly on the S9+. They're also wireless charging compatible, water-resistant and made of high-quality materials. 

These are the phones to get if you love bang-for-buck. Yes they were launched a year ago, but they're still better than most newer phones that cost more. Here are the best offers right now (if you're in the UK, head to the bottom for UK pricing)...

Samsung Galaxy S9, 64GB Unlocked: $599 $349 on Amazon
This may not be the latest Galaxy phone, but it is still one of the best cells around and incredible value at this price. It's got a fantastic screen and camera and at 41% off during Amazon Prime Day it offers the best bang for buck by a long way.
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Samsung Galaxy S9, 128GB Unlocked: $649 $399 on Amazon
If you want extra storage then the 128GB model of the S9 is also available at a $250 discount this Prime Day. Of course you can expand the storage even further using a microSD card.
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Samsung Galaxy S9, 256GB Unlocked: $699 $469 on Amazon
This is the top-of-the-range Galaxy S9 that comes with a huge 256GB of internal storage. We recommend most people opt for the 64GB option, but if you need a lot of super-fast storage then this is the one to go for.
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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 64GB Unlocked: $699 $449 on Amazon
The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has also been discounted and is available just $449 this Amazon Prime Day. This deal is for the 64GB model.
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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 128GB Unlocked: $749 $499 on Amazon
This Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus's price has been slashed by 33% for Amazon Prime Day. This deal is for 128GB model in the Lilac Purple and Coral Blue colors.
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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, 256GB Unlocked: $819 $569 on Amazon
Get 30% off the top-of-the-range 256GB Galaxy S9+ this Prime Day. Yes it's last year's model, but it still runs rings around any current phone at this price.
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UK DEAL: Samsung Smartphone Galaxy S9, 64GB: £739 £499.99 on Amazon
If you’re in the UK, you can save a whopping £239 on the Samsung Galaxy S9 (single sim, 64GB) with this Amazon Prime Day deal. That’s 32% - which is a discount worth having on this stunning camera phone. View Deal

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