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Save 50% with this 23andMe Amazon Prime Day deal and delve into your DNA today

Save 50% with this 23andMe Amazon Prime Day deal and delve into your DNA today
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The hugely popular 23andMe Health and Ancestry Service DNA testing kit is currently available for half price as part of Amazon Prime Day 2020. That means you’re paying just $99 - a saving of $100 - for a brand that is widely regarded as one of the leading DNA testing services that there is - in fact, it’s so good that 23andMe comes out top in our best DNA testing kit rankings.

Perfect for you to investigate your own heritage or as a Christmas gift for someone who you think would like to learn more about themselves, the 23andMe kit offers a variety of features. There’s the option to track your ancestry back so that you can identify where among 2000-plus regions in the world you originally hail from. Using your DNA, 23andMe can also start tracing your family tree, and help connect you to relatives that you didn’t know you even had - if it gets too complicated for a simple pen and paper diagram, the best family tree software is always on hand to help you document your progress. The kit can also track your traits such as hair or facial features and provide insight into why you might like certain tastes and smells more than others. It might even come up with a reason why you dislike the sound of chewing and can (or can’t) sing! 

23andMe DNA Health and Ancestry Kit: was $199

23andMe DNA Health and Ancestry Kit: was $199 | now $99 at Amazon
Save 50% on the cost of unlocking the secrets of your DNA using this top rated Health and Ancestry Kit from 23andMe. For the bargain price of $99, you can learn all about your family tree, and find out how your genetic make up can influence your health. 

On a more serious note, the 23andMe testing kit offers features relevant to your health, including using your DNA to establish whether you’re a carrier for certain inherited conditions, and whether your family history might make you more prone to developing issues such as celiac disease, type 2 diabetes and late-onset Alzheimers. There’s also the ability to generate reports surrounding your lifestyle, and how it might affect your weight and muscle composition. 

Essentially, 23andMe has the power to unlock all the secrets that lay within your DNA, from your family history to your well-being, and all for the special Amazon Prime Day 2020 price of just $99.

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