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Save over $80 with this French door Oster convection oven deal for Prime day

Save over $80 with this French door Oster convection oven deal for Prime day
(Image credit: Oster)

Want a good convection oven deal for Prime Day? This digital Oster convection oven comes with an easy-to-open French door design and generously sized interior, which is capable of roasting a whole chicken. And the popular kitchen gadget is now just $147.27, thanks to a hefty discount landing as part of the Amazon Prime day sales.

With over a third off the standard price, it's a real steal if you're someone who desperately needs to expand your cooking space. As it plugs straight into your outlet and can slot onto your countertop, its a handy gadget for anyone with a large family who needs more utensils on hand at mealtimes. 

And like some of the best Instant Pots, this particular gadget offers multiple cooking functions, acting as both a convection oven and a toasting device. In addition to this, it can also bake, broil, warm, dehydrate, and defrost your food. So it can quickly crisp up pizzas or roast potatoes when your main oven is out of action. 

That handy French door design means that you can open the machine with a simple, one-handed tug, while the clear glass front and interior light mean that you can quickly check on your food while it's cooking. It's also 50% more energy efficient than a traditional oven, so it could save you some money on energy bills in the long haul. 

The gadget comes with digital controls, which allow you to set the temperature and turn on the timer (for a maximum of 90 minutes.) And a double-tray arrangement inside the oven means that you can cook multiple dishes at once. 

Some of the best Amazon Prime day USA deals can be found in the kitchenware section of the site right now, so it's worth signing up for a membership if you haven't already. If you're looking for more deals on household gadgets, visit our pages rounding up the best Amazon Prime day Instant Pot deals and the best KitchenAid deals.

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