Progressive insurance is already known for its deeply discounted car insurance policies. Most people know this company from the commercials on television featuring Flo the Progressive girl. The company keeps your premiums as low as possible, while providing you with adequate coverage.

Progressive charges a filing fee of $25 to fill out the paperwork and turn it in to your state's DMV. This documentation is not a policy itself but proof that you maintain the minimum amount of insurance required by your state. The required fee is added into your progressive policy, so when you call for a quote, you won't have to pay an additional amount to receive the SR-22 insurance.

When you sign up with Progressive in order to obtain SR-22 insurance, you will generally have to pay more for your car insurance than someone who does not need this document. The SR-22 itself won't increase your insurance premiums, but the circumstances that led up to the need for the document can cause your insurance to skyrocket. Even with an SR-22 form, Progressive can provide you with several discounts that may lower the cost of your premium until the court tells you the SR-22 is no longer required. Items that can lower your car insurance include multiple cars on one policy, owning your home, obtaining continuous coverage with Progressive and getting your insurance quote online. As you continue to have coverage with the SR-22 form, the provider automatically searches for discounts for you to lower your premium cost.

The length of time you are required to have an SR-22 form with your insurance policy is around three years. This can vary depending on the state. Progressive does not keep up with this date for you. It is your responsibility to contact your state DMV to see if you have to renew the form or not. Once you no longer are required to carry an SR-22, your insurance premium with this provider may go down.

Progressive Insurance Company can assist you in filing the required paperwork for an SR-22 form for a small fee. The company also can help you find the best car insurance rates, even if you have a poor driving record. The company won't inform you that you no longer need the SR-22, but it does offer automatic renewals that are added to your existing insurance policy.

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