is a cloud vacation rental manager with online booking, website setup, QuickBooks integration, automated communication, operations management, property management and real-time operations tracking. While it offers a number of different features, does not provide vacation rental software; it is only a cloud program.

Online booking, including compatibility with popular online booking websites, allows you to connect your vacation rental manager and wait for people to book. You can also use the vacation rental home software to build a website platform for adding online booking and marketing. This includes themes and integrated displays for your vacation rentals. Bookings update automatically, sending you notifications for pay and immediately entering it into a booked calendar. The software automatically takes booked homes off the system for booked dates, allowing you to avoid problems with double booking.

A built-in customer relations manager allows you to automate sending emails and messages to tenants and guests, allowing you to get started with email marketing as soon as the guests sign up. Automatic greetings, reminders to pay, and reminders to check in and check out are all part of the system, and you can customize it with a number of other options.

QuickBooks integration allows you to add your current finance manager to your vacation rental management software. The cloud, vacation-rental, property-management software program allows you to sign into your QuickBooks and directly integrate everything right into your finances.

A back-office function allows you to access all of your data and reports on a single dashboard. Because the vacation rental manager is in the cloud, you can access it from any of your devices, including mobile. This allows for real-time updates and notifications, with support for items such as whether or not a unit has been cleaned or when inspections are finished. Real-time operations management is especially valuable if you have a lot of rental properties to manage.

Customer service functions allow you to send surveys and request reviews and ratings from your guests. When used with a website, this allows you to display guest reviews and opinions inline on your listings. The vacation rental manager is scalable based on your usage, users and vacation homes. This allows you to get what you need and makes it suitable for large investors. However, with no professional reporting and no built-in finance, you do have to get these functions elsewhere. offers scalable, flexible vacation rental management software in the cloud, allowing you to manage all of your vacation rentals without downloads.