Some Super Bowl 2020 tickets are selling for $15,000... but you can actually get a loan from Stubhub

Super Bowl 2020 tickets too expensive? You can actually get a loan from Stubhub
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Ticket exchange and resale company StubHub will give you a loan to secure tickets to Super Bowl 2020 in Miami – but by golly, it'll cost you. At this time of year, many people understandably want to know how to watch Super Bowl 2020. Many more would no doubt love to see the world's biggest sporting event in the flesh, as the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers vie for glory on February 2nd, in a matchup that looks like it could be one for the ages.

Yet with with some resale ticket prices already clearing the $15,000 mark on StubHub, it's safe to say buying a last-minute ticket for Super Bowl 20 is out of reach for many Americans. 

Partnering with lender Affirm, StubHub wants to help you bridge the financial gap and get you a seat at the big game down in Florida, which is a good way to help super-fans be there on the big day. We would caution that the interest rates of 10% to 30% could impact your overall finances, so be sure you know what money instalments you're committing to before signing up.

Such figures are in the same region as most short-term loan arrangements, so we'd recommend checking out several options on the best sports ticket sites before doubling down on a trip to Miami. Allow us to explain more.

When is Super Bowl 2020 – and can I still get Super Bowl LIV tickets?

Super Bowl 2020, or Super Bowl LIV, takes place on Sunday, February 2nd in Miami, Florida – and tickets are still available. However, it's an expensive proposition if you are looking to finance your outing through a loan. We've already mentioned that premium Super Bowl seats are being sold for a $15,000+ resale price.

As CBS points out, this means a $15,760 ticket purchased through a 12-month instalment plan via this method would cost the buyer $2,676 in interest, compared to some lower rate loans featured in our best personal loans guide. The downside here is that you'd need to go via a different provider for a ticket loan here, which is a more complicated process, so the decision is down to you about whether money or convenience is more of an issue.

Why is Super Bowl 2020 that big a deal?

It's safe to say that this year's contest promises to be one of the best in recent memory, with Kansas City's do-it-all QB Pat Mahomes squaring off against the 49ers insanely handsome signal caller, Jimmy Garoppolo. 

Pat Mahomes is, frankly, a magician. His combination of in-pocket poise and ad hoc athleticism means he can make throws that no other QB in the NFL can – rightly drawing comparisons to Green Bay's Brett Favre in his peak. Jimmy G, for his part, knows how to play in the big games. He arrived at the 49ers having learned from the best there ever was, Tom Brady, across the country in New England. 

Throw in a a ridiculously talented 49ers defensive unit featuring assumed Rookie of the Year, Nick Bosa, and the 49ers could well be the favorites in this encounter. Equally, Chiefs speedster Tyreek Hill is always a broken tackle away from a touchdown, so you can see why we're so excited about this match-up.

We're less excited about you potentially getting into debt based on a short-term loan to go down to Miami to see the game so, as before, be sure to consider all your options and make sure you can afford it. If you exhaust all other options, and you still want to attend in person, some of the best payday loans might offer you the funds you need to head down to Miami, as long as you're extremely confident in your line of credit.

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