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Best sports ticket sites 2021

Best sports ticket sites 2021
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Game night at home on the sofa is one thing, but with the best sports ticket sites the event can be so much more. Get the live game experience for NFL, NBA, soccer and plenty more by using these websites. From the best seats in the house to the cheapest tickets you can buy, there's something in this guide for all needs.

Sports tickets can vary in price wildly, especially for those events that are tough to get a ticket to. Know the best sports tickets sites though and you could find yourself not only getting your hands on those rarer tickets but doing so at a reasonable rate too.

This guide only has the best sports ticket sites, meaning you have guarantees about your tickets so you get them on time and know they're legitimate. You also have cover so that if the event gets cancelled you will get your ticket price money back.

Other factors taken into account are site stability, admin fees, and any kind of extras they offer, hotel packages and those with advanced queuing systems to cut down on wait times. Want more than sports tickets? Head over to the best concert ticket sites, or for really tough to find ones try an online auction site instead.

1. SeatGeek: Best sports ticket site overall

Best sports ticket site: SeatGeek

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Our top pick, with great prices and an accessible website and app

Deal score helps you get the most for your money 
Great search engine 
Countless ticket options 
We saw slightly cheaper tickets elsewhere

SeatGeek is a sports ticket site you can feel confident using. The transparent fees and deal scores make it easy for you to know you’re getting the best deal possible, there's a lot this site does very well. What’s more, fees were some of the lowest we found - making SeatGeek a great sports ticket site if you’re after a good price. 

We liked the clear emphasis placed on sports, with a drop down menu giving you hundreds of options for events and a search bar which lets you search by team, event or even venue.

We liked SeatGeek’s shiny website and modern feel. It also has a great app which is available to Apple and Android users alike. What's more, there's a refer a friend scheme which saves you and a friend money. What's not to like?

2. StubHub: Best sports ticket website experience

Best sports ticket site: StubHub

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If the buying experience is all important to you, StubHub has the top website we've tested

A large array of ticket options
The best mobile app we've seen
No reward program
Fees estimated at checkout

StubHub sells tickets to over 60 different types of sport events, making it one of the biggest sports ticket sites out there right now. It came out among the top sites in our price comparison tests, where we compared and averaged the prices of tickets to three sporting events.

Also, like SeatGeek, the site only added $8 in shipping and handling fees to a $25 ticket – less than every other website we tested. This, paired with a mere 10-percent ticket resale fee, makes it the place to get the best value for sports tickets.

With StubHub – which is owned by eBay – you can search for events based on where you live, the sport you're interested or your favorite team. You see a little fire icon if tickets are particularly popular for any given event so you never miss out on getting seats. Once you select an event, you can see which seats are available in which sections of the stadium or arena, as well as the view from each spot, on the site’s interactive seating chart. You can also sort ticket results by price, best value or best seats. If you need to get a ticket right this minute, just download the free StubHub app.

If something comes up and you don’t need your tickets anymore, you can resell them right through StubHub. The website only takes 10% of the selling price, which is one of the lower resale fees we saw. Like on most sites, you’re guaranteed legitimate event tickets and will receive a full refund if the event is canceled. StubHub now owns Ticketbis as well, so you have access to tickets for more than 10 million sports and other entertainment events happening in over 40 countries.

3. Razorgator: Best value sports ticket site

Best sports ticket site: Razorgator

(Image credit: Razorgator)


You'll find low fees and cheap tickets on Razorgator, if not the same range of events

Great prices 
Seat views 
Low ticket resale fees
Website not geared toward sports fans

When first visiting the Razorgator site you might think it's a site for concert tickets. The homepage shows a list of trending events which is geared toward music artists. However, there's countless sporting events covered by Razorgator, making it a great place to buy sports tickets. The stadium chart is interactive and there’s the most filters of any site we tested. To name a few, you can search by best deal, price and best seat. You can also narrow results to ‘on aisle’, ‘wheelchair accessible’ and ‘elite sellers only’. All tickets have their type, be it physical or electronic, right next to the listing and you can double up on filters which is handy if you have a specific type of ticket in mind. 

It was close, but Razorgator came out on top in our price comparison, during which we looked at the price of tickets to three events on all the sports ticket platforms we reviewed. Razorgator had low fees and low prices on all of them. 

We focused on sports tickets for this review but like most ticket websites, Razorgator also sells concert and theater tickets. Every ticket is backed by a 100-percent Buyer Guarantee. If an event is postponed or rescheduled, you may use the tickets on the rescheduled date or list them for sale once more on Razorgator. There is email support and an urgent support line available, as well as contact via social media. 

4. Vivid Seats: Best reward scheme 

Best sports ticket site: Vivid Seats

(Image credit: Vivid Seats)

Vivid Seats

We weren't impressed by its fees, but Vivid Seats has decent prices and a reward system which really pays off for sports fans.

Unique reward scheme that really pays back
A decent website and handy app
Higher-than-average fees 
Lack of transparency in pricing

There's a lot to like about Vivid Seats, most notably the reward scheme which rewards regular buyers with up to 8% credit when they buy through the Vivid Seats app. This makes it a great option for regular sports-goers as there's heaps of sporting events to choose from. 

With Vivid Seats you can get up to 8% credit on tickets depending on how much you spend and if you’re a ‘Hall of Famer’ (meaning you spend over $2000 annually) this credit won’t expire. If you haven’t got the budget to splash $2000 annually on tickets don’t worry, your credit will last a full year. 

There were also decent prices, comparable with our front-runners but not the lowest we saw. However, fees were often hefty and in one case cost more than the sports ticket itself!

5. Ticketmaster: Best customer guarantee

Best sports ticket site: Ticketmaster

(Image credit: Ticketmaster)


A sports ticket website with a good returns policy but variable value in pricing

Three day refund 
Ticket alerts for availability and price 
Fluctuating fees 
Some of the most expensive sports tickets we saw

Most of the sports ticket websites we reviewed only give you a full refund if the event is totally canceled. This doesn’t include rescheduled events, and one website also excludes events canceled due to weather. This can be particularly frustrating, especially if you’ve already purchased a plane ticket to get to the game. 

Ticketmaster’s Fan Guarantee means you have three days to get your money back. While it doesn’t apply to every single ticket the site sells, it’s still a pretty great deal. And don’t worry; in the event of a total cancelation, you get a refund as well.

The website doesn’t have the cleanest design, but it’s obvious where to look for tickets to various sports, entertainment and music events. Once you select an event, you can view the venue and see exactly where the available seats are. 

Ticketmaster has some of the most reasonable fees on sports tickets, but we found that ticket prices fluctuated depending on event. In one case, a ticket which most other sites priced at around $10 was on sale for $23.

However, if you're willing to potentially pay more for a customer guarantee that won't let you down, Ticketmaster is a great option. 

Why trust us on sport ticket sites

We spent 20 hours researching the most popular and unique sports tickets websites, considering how transparent their prices and fees are, their return policies, and their buyer and seller guarantees.

Rather than use confusing percentage points or divide out all the shipping and processing fees, we instead found the same ticket on each website and noted how much the fees were on top of that. That way, we could give you an exact dollar amount rather than a rough estimate, and take this into account in our final rankings. A cheap ticket isn't worth much if you have to pay heavy fees on top!

You should note that shipping fees sometimes vary by how you choose to receive your ticket, whether it’s shipped in the mail, sent electronically or picked up at the event. The ability to use will call is oftentimes up to the discretion of the arena or stadium, not the ticket website.

We also checked to see if each website has a rewards program as well as whether it has a mobile app, lets you set ticket alerts or uses interactive seating charts. You can sell tickets on many of these sites, and some will even buy your tickets directly from you. 

We favored websites with low resale fees. Return policies are generally the same across all the websites – you can’t get your money back unless the event is flat-out canceled. Tickets to rescheduled concerts aren’t usually eligible for refunds.

In addition, we checked whether each site is intuitive to use and offers ticket alerts and interactive seating maps. 

Our research shows SeatGeek is the best site to buy sports tickets from because it is affordable, interactive and easy to use.

Super Bowl tickets

We wish you all the luck in the world if you're after some Super Bowl tickets. They're incredibly hard to procure, and when they're available, they're often not the best seats. That being said, you can check Ticketmaster, SeatGeek or TicketCity if you’re a diehard fan. These websites have them available for thousands of dollars. Season ticket holders wherever the Super Bowl is played might sell their spots, so it's also worth checking out websites that resell.

Before game day

After you purchase your tickets, there are other things to consider before you arrive at the game. First, make sure you have the correct ticket method to get in the door. Some websites require you to download an app to present an electronic ticket on your smartphone. If your confirmation email says this, a printed out receipt or paper ticket won’t work. Other venues may require you print a paper ticket, so it’s important to make sure you’ve done what’s required before you head to the game. Either way, the ticket purchase confirmation email will give you the information you need.

You should also look up information about security at the stadium you’re going to. Some have metal detectors and don’t allow anything inside that could be used as a weapon. Others don’t have such stringent rules. Either way, knowing ahead of time will make it easier when you arrive. This information most likely won’t be available on the ticket website, so you need to do the research separately.

One last thing to keep in mind is parking. For events at large stadiums, it will most likely be easiest to purchase a parking pass online alongside your ticket. That way, you’re guaranteed a spot. Depending on the location, there may be other parking options, though they could be expensive and not secure. Most sites will sell ticket packages including parking, so if you're after this keep an eye out and you might get lucky.

What's the difference between primary and secondary sellers?

The difference between primary and secondary ticket sellers is well worth knowing. A primary ticket seller, like Ticketmaster, works directly with the event to sell its tickets. That means they work out a deal based on a price that works for both. 

For a buyer this is the most secure way to purchase, with tickets right from the seller meaning you get them officially. The downside is that price might already be high, despite no official markup, since the seller and event organiser decide this and control the first batch of tickets.

Secondary ticketing sites are those that re-sell tickets for an event. This is a great option if the event is a sell-out and you still want to get a ticket or two. Some sell from the third-party while others buy the tickets directly then resell them. These will be charged at a markup meaning they will cost you more than the face value ticket price in most cases. However you can sometimes find that these are actually cheaper than primary pricing. In most cases these come with guarantees so even though you're buying secondary tickets they should still be secure, get to you in time, and actually work on the day.

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