Study reveals the most regrettable interior design trends, and how much they cost to recreate

Study reveals the most regrettable interior design trends, and how much they cost to recreate: Image shows man holding paint brush
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A new study has revealed the interior design trends that homeowners regret the most. Up there with the biggest percentage of regret, are people who decorated their homes by making them ‘too industrial’. 

The study, carried out by HomeHow, also concluded that despite its popularity, out of all the people surveyed that decorated their homes with shabby-chic furniture, 41% of them now regretted it. 

As more of us spend time at home due to COVID-19, it’s no wonder homeowners are itching to improve their spaces and create space for things such as a home office or home gym. Before you splash the cash on a new trend, however, making use of the best interior design software will let you ‘try on’ a style before you get shopping. Many of the programs are free to use too!

Shabby chic furniture and industrial looks aren’t the only trends homeowners regret either. Here’s what else was high on the list: 

  • Vessel sinks 
  • Open shelving 
  • Floral furniture 
  • Wall texture 
  • Leather sofas 
  • Dark colored walls 
  • Matching furniture  

And it’s not just learning to live with decor you don’t like either, the HomeHow study also concluded that something as simple as a badly decorated bathroom can decrease the value of your property by $27,000.

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It’s well worth trying out the best home design software before you part with your money as some interior design trends can be pretty pricey to recreate. A further study by MyJobQuote found that the most expensive interior design trend to create is the Gothic trend, costing a staggering $79,172 to furnish a home with this style of decor. Other pricey trends include Rustic at $9,518 to create, followed by Shabby Chic ($7,903), and Industrial - costing $7,297.

The Gothic trend is noticeably more expensive than the other trends. According to MyJobQuote’s study, that’s because Gothic furniture is normally vintage or made with chunky, dark wood that’s not cheap. 

If you’re thinking of changing up your home’s decor, here’s what’s on the up in 2021. 

Nearly a month into the year, the interior design trends that people are searching for online are already showing signs of what’s going to be big in 2021. 

Increasing in popularity are: 

  • Dark green walls
  • Cane furniture
  • Wall paneling 
  • Mermaid tiles

And if it's your outside space you're planning on updating this year, don't miss our guide to the best landscape design software.

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