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Ten Websites That Should be on Every Online Stock Trader's Favorites List

Making good investment and stock trading choices requires extensive market research and investment education. If you use or are interested in using an online stock trading service to start playing the market, it is imperative to take a substantial amount of time keeping abreast of market trends and stock exchange news.

For General Learning

Even if you’ve already been investing, you may come across terms you don’t understand or strategies you want to try. You may want to branch out into more complex trading schemes or to research a particular company. The following sites offer general information for learning as well as more in-depth articles.
However, they don’t specialize in up-to-the minute stock news. is a database built for investors. Here you will find articles, a dictionary, tutorials and even a stock trading simulator.

CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange): This site has news, online courses, webcasts, an online stock market game and other educational tools. You’ll find a symbols dictionary, fee schedules and calculators as well.

The Motley Fool: Although it doesn’t offer courses, this is a great site for beginning and intermediate investors who want to learn. You can find stock picks, advice, news and more. It has podcasts, discussion boards and a podcast where you can ask questions. It offers free eBooks on beginning investing as well.

Classes: If you are interested in a more in-depth learning experience, check out our Best Online Stock Trading Courses for Beginners. Most of these websites offer classes and learning opportunities for intermediate traders.

For Market News provides up-to-the-second news on the stock market, technology, jobs and economy, personal finance, and more. The site also has articles and commentary that discuss strategy and investing tips from popular magazines like Fortune, Money, Business 2.0 and FSB. This is the official website of the New York Stock Exchange – a comprehensive resource for investors and issuers looking for news and information. This is the official website of the American Stock Exchange with all of the current information and news. The official site for the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. Here you’ll find investor tools, news and more. Standard & Poor’s is the world’s leading contributor of independent credit ratings, indices, risk evaluation, investment research, data and valuations. MSN’s MoneyCentral has articles and information on investing basics for the new investor and resources for the seasoned pro. Here, you’ll find current news, market reports and quotes. You can also watch business news clips from CNBC. In addition to articles about the business world, this site contains a vast library of up–to–date information. You can find things as various as stock reports, information on travel and a guide to philanthropy.

Financial Times: Dedicated to news about the financial world, you’ll find the usual charts but also analysis and articles that can inform your investment process and give you the latest news.

The Economist: You won’t find specific market news on this site, but you can find the latest information that affects the financial world.

The New York Times: The markets section is under business, and the page is clearly organized by types of markets. You’ll find charts and summaries but no specific news stories.

For Finding Tips

Before you start surfing around looking for specific investing websites that provide up-to-date online trading tips and information, here's a common-sense checklist for you to keep your impulsiveness corralled:

  1. Read the fine print. Some things never change, regardless of technological advances. Often hidden in the cryptically written fine print is information that says the tips are from a person or company being paid for this service. As such, these tips are the web equivalent of an infomercial.
  2. Consider the source. At the end of the day, you have to trust somebody or you'll never get anything done. The key is to find a happy medium between blind faith and overanalyzing.
  3. Investigate before you profligate. Make sure you can sample some of the tipster's real advice free for at least two weeks.

Most, if not all, of these outlets for stock tips have multiple methods by which you can stay up to date on the trading world, such as free eNewsletters, print publications, websites, RSS feeds, smartphone applications, online tutorials and a lot more – and much of it is free of charge.

The Wall Street Journal: The Markets tab has a running chart of the stock market’s overall progress and the progress of specific stocks. In addition, it has news that applies to investors and educational articles. It’s one of the most trusted sources for stock information.

Bloomberg: This online market news site has news articles, a running ticker tape of latest news stories, charts showing the progress of specific stocks and more. It’s divided up by markets as well so that if you are interested in futures or the Asian market, it’s easy to get to that information.

CNBC: The online website for this stock market news has charts, stories and videos that include interviews with analysts and CEOs, making it a good place for researching companies. In addition to the charts and news it provides, you can sign up for free newsletters; see quotes; create your own charts, portfolios and screeners; and look at historical data. This online stock market news service has its own trading platform as well. offers the SharpCharts tool to create attractive financial charts. Its Scan Engine instantly provides the market’s best investment opportunities, and the Chart School is full of educational articles. Though some of this information is only accessible with a paid subscription, this is still a valuable source if you don’t have a subscription. In addition to the news and charts, it allows you to customize the homepage with watchlists for stocks that interest you. You can also search the tickers and have them set for your home page as well.

Apps for Mobile or Desktop

If you’re looking for the convenience of an app that gives you the information you need, there are many options. If you already have an online stock trading brokerage, then it may offer something for your smartphone and tablet. Many of the resources we’ve mentioned above do as well. Some services charge, while others offer free online stock trading apps and free stock market news apps. One more option for you to keep on top of the action in the trading world is with a real-time stock ticker. Many online stock trading companies offer downloadable ones that allow you to have financial news scroll across your computer screen. You can also find them in the Google Play Store or iTunes App store.

Here are a few stock trading apps:

Stocks: Realtime Quotes Charts by StockSpy Apps: This app for Android OS and iOS provides quotes, charts, news, links and statistics. You can customize the news and track your portfolio across multiple devices.

Ticker: Stocks Portfolio Manager by Innopage: This stock market app works for Android OS and iOS, and it has apps for smartwatches. You can track multiple portfolios, get push notification alerts and complete trading via the app itself.

Stock Markets by Teletrader: This Android OS app gives you information on U.S. and international stock markets. You get live quotes, push prices and news. You can personalize it with watchlists, portfolios and price-based push alerts.

Ministocks by Nitesh Patel: This free Android OS app lets you search by stock symbol, set high and low price alerts, view foreign exchange (Forex) prices, and see the profit and loss of your stocks. It uses data from Yahoo Finance.

Stocks Tracker by W. Tang: This iOS stock market app offers watchlists, multiple portfolio management, screeners and a paper trade/stock market simulator.

Stock Master by Astontek, Inc.: This stock market app for iOS has alerts, push or email notifications, and news, and it monitors forex and ETFs as well as the standard market.

You can find some of these services available as a free application from a number of financial websites. Another avenue that tends to be trustworthy and reliable is news-ticker subscription services. These commercial news-ticker services are primarily for those who want to keep an eye on their stocks around the clock.