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Top 10 most boring (but essential) Prime Day deals

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With Amazon Prime Day in full swing, it all seems very exciting, doesn't it? With so many opportunities to buy great new technology or gadgets for your home, it's easy to get wrapped up in the finer things in life and forget to buy some of the essential items. After all, no one can resist being a little shallow and boasting to a friend how they bought the latest and greatest gadget at an amazing price. 

We've been trawling through all the best Amazon Prime Day USA deals (opens in new tab) and found some great offers but we didn't want to forget about the, well, the less exciting options out there. Not everything is a superb Prime Day Instant Pot deal (opens in new tab). You can't always be shopping for fun stuff like inflatable hot tubs (opens in new tab) for your 'special yard parties' with Colin and Sandra from next door. Sometimes you just need things to function as a human being in every day life.

As boring as it is, there are lots of different essential things you can buy in the Prime Day deals that will nearly bore you to death just thinking about, but they'll help your life in some small (if potentially dull) way, even if you won't exactly be raving about your fantastic bargain to anyone.

Whether it's stuff you can stockpile like cat food or hand sanitizer, or cables that you know you'll need at some point in the future (perhaps when you actually invest in one of the best TVs), we thought we'd do the most boring part for you – finding the best deals. All you need to do is hit the buy button and wait not so excitedly for your dull purchase to show up tomorrow. Or maybe Friday. No rush, really, Amazon.

Top 10 boring (but essential) Prime Day deals

1. Ivanky Braided HDMI Cable

Ivanky USB C pack of 3 cables

(Image credit: Ivanky)

In a way, an HDMI cable should be incredibly exciting but it's not. It leads to exciting results, i.e. you can plug an amazing games console into your TV or a new Blu-ray player but on the surface, it's pretty dull. Plug it into one thing, you're half way there. Plug it into the other thing, you're done.

Still, this Ivanky Braided HDMI cable has the benefit of its braids which means you can twist it loads without worrying about anything fraying or falling apart. It's currently down from $12.99 to $7.19 on Amazon (opens in new tab). Maybe use it as a skipping rope before you plug it into the TV to get some fun from it?  

2.  Amazon Basics Replacement Water Filters

Amazon Basics replacement water filters

(Image credit: Amazon)

The Amazon Basics range is always a good bet for cheap yet uninteresting purchases that come in handy nonetheless. These Replacement Water Filters are compatible with Brita water filtration pitches and benefit from fast activation. Being Amazon Basics, though, they somehow take the water filter concept and make it even less exciting.

Immerse them in cold water then shake gently for about 15 seconds before first use. Each filter lasts for about 2 months or 40 gallons of water. Water isn't fascinating but it is incredibly important to your wellbeing. And at $9.32 on Amazon (opens in new tab) (reduced from $12.99) this is an easy way to invest in your health, without straining your heart on anything that would make it beat faster.

3. Amazon Brand - Kitzy Dry Cat Food 

Kitzy dry cat food bag

(Image credit: Amazon)

Stockpiling cat food is a useful way of saving you some cash in the long run, providing your cat isn't picky and gets bored halfway through your stockpile. Kitzy Dry Cat Food is available in either turkey or whitefish and pea flavor, depending on if your cat likes fish or poultry. It looks as appetizing as you'd expect but cats seem to like it and you'll certainly appreciate the savings involved by stocking up. 

Currently, you can get a four pound bag of the stuff for just $6.29 at Amazon (opens in new tab), which is nearly half of its original price ($11). If your cat won't eat it, then hey, just pop it into your doomsday shelter for later.

4. Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer

Purell hand sanitizers

(Image credit: Purell)

The world has changed a lot in recent times so this Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer is an essential, but not exactly thrilling. The bottles are interesting to look at and the mild formula means it'll smell quite nice while keeping your hands moisturized but, ultimately, this is all about keeping your hands germ-free. 

A pack of four means you can spread the bottles liberally around your surroundings if need be. We suggest one in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and study area to make sure you never forget to use it. At just $14.68 thanks to the Prime Day sale (opens in new tab), you're only paying $3.67 per bottle. A good, clean bargain. 

5.  Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers

Rubbermaid food storage containers

(Image credit: Rubbermaid)

Food storage containers are incredibly useful. You can meal plan on a Sunday and store all your lunches ready to go for the next few days, or you can store leftovers in the containers when you just couldn't resist that takeaway even though you'd already cooked a healthy and cheap meal. It's up to you. 

With built-in vents, each container can be easily microwaved and because there are 21 pieces to choose from, there's something for every scenario here. In theory, the bright red lids will be easy to find in your cupboard too (Editor's note: we almost excluded this product, because a member of the team found the red lids mildly exciting). There's currently nearly $10 off on this particular set; previously priced at $29.09, the Amazon Prime Day sale has brought the cost to just $19.98 (opens in new tab)

6.  Syntech USB-C cable 3 pack

Syntech USB-C cables

(Image credit: Syntech)

You can never have too many USB cables. Even if you never use them, these cables will be something for your army of cats to chew on for days, before they turn their attention to your lifeless body when you pass alone at home. This pack of 3 USB-C cables from Syntech will help you charge your smartphones, your Nintendo Switch, and anything else that's USB-C equipped. 

The cables are long enough that you can stretch a little further than with most and they're braided too so they're reasonably tough and able to withstand a bit of bending. If you don't need them today, we guarantee you'll need them soon enough. It's all too easy to lose precious charging cables. And with three of the wires for just $9.59 on Amazon (opens in new tab) (previously priced at $12.99) you'll be set for life. Or for a while, anyway.

7.  NANFU long lasting AA 48 batteries

Nanfu long lasting batteries

(Image credit: Nanfu)

Even though many devices have rechargeable batteries, even more seem to still require regular AA batteries. This includes TV remotes, clocks, games controllers, toys, sex toys, and all sorts of other things that you should probably use rechargeable batteries for but you never get around to doing so. 

Stocking up on batteries isn't something you'll be boasting about on Facebook but Amazon's current offering of $14.94 (opens in new tab)is a really good price for 48 of them - especially when they've been reduced from $22.99. Long-lasting and with leak-proof technology, you should able to power ageing devices for a while to come with this bundle. 

8. Finish Dishwasher Cleaner 

Finish in-wash dishwasher cleaner

(Image credit: Finish)

Another thing worth stocking up on is dishwasher cleaner tablets. A pack of 12 Finish Dishwasher Cleaner tablets is a good deal at just $13.56 (opens in new tab) (with $4.52 lopped off the usual price) and it's also ideal for cleaning all those vital parts of your dishwasher that get greasy or dirty. 

You don't even have to worry about using an extra wash cycle as you can use these during a regular load of wash cycle instead. They'll remove hard water stains and lime scale build up, all while making you wish you'd bought something more interesting. 

9.  Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

Seventh Generation baby wipes

(Image credit: Seventh Generation)

These Seventh Generation Baby Wipes have multiple practical uses. Besides being able to use them on your child's sensitive skin, they're also great for wiping your own face, hands, or... other areas. 

They're hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested so they're perfect for sensitive skin. Thick and generously sized, there's no risk of slippage when using them on your little one which is definitely a recipe for disaster. A flip-top lid keeps the wipes moist and fresh with 768 wipes meaning you won't run out any time soon. Currently, they're just $20.98 (opens in new tab) thanks to Prime day, which is $9.01 cheaper than normal.

10.  Aidea Microfiber Cleaning Cloths 50 pack 

Aidea microfiber cleaning cloths

(Image credit: Aidea)

Microfiber cleaning cloths are brilliant for nearly everything. Made from 87% polyester and 13% polyamide, they're softer and more absorbent than other cloths and crucially, they don't leave streaks. 

They also won't scratch paint or the majority of other surfaces at home meaning they're great for cleaning your car, your kitchen sides, your glasses, your computer monitor, and everything else you can think of. Buy a pack of 50 and you've got one for every occasion until you die and get eaten by cats. Maybe use different colors for different rooms to make it more interesting? Right now, you can grab this pack for just $12.76 (opens in new tab) - it's usually priced at $15.95 on Amazon. 

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