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With $450 off the Nolah mattress for hot sleepers, Prime Day is far from over

With $450 off the Nolah mattress for hot sleepers, Prime Day is far from over
(Image credit: Nolah Sleep)

Grab yourself a crazy bargain from Nolah and you’ll be sleeping soundly in next to no time. Along with our best mattresses online (opens in new tab), Nolah promises all the comfort you deserve with layers of comfy support and plenty of pressure relief to guarantee a great night’s sleep. And why not treat yourself to even more bargains with other Amazon Prime Day 2020 (opens in new tab) deals too?

For this short time Nolah mattresses come with up to $450 off, as well as two free pillows, but if you fancy seeing what else is out there, check out our best Amazon Prime Day mattress and bedding deals (opens in new tab) , which includes some of the best pillows (opens in new tab) for sleep and relaxation. 

Nolah Mattress Limited Edition 12 AirFoam Matttress | Was from $1,099 | Now from $799 (opens in new tab)
There’s up to $450 worth of savings up for grabs with Nolah’s super-cosy option made from 100% cooling pressure-relieving AirFoam all wrapped in stylish white Tencel. We love that it’s flippable too – with a soft side and a firm side – to give you twice the mattress for your money.

Nolah Mattress Original 10 Pressure Relief Mattress | Was from $1,049 | Now from $899 (opens in new tab)
Nolah’s award-winning Original promises nothing less than sheer comfort with a mattress that provides less pressure on the hips, shoulders and back than memory foam. Don’t forget to grab your two free pillows too to make your saving even more of a sweet deal!

When it comes to award-winning comfort Nolah has plenty to be proud about. With a range of mattresses to choose from, including the 12-inch Signature that has a two-sided option so you can choose your firmness, or the Original with optimal cooling and pressure relief, there’s sure to be something for everyone whether you sleep on your side, need extra support or sleep hot.

Made in the US from the finest materials, Nolah uses its own foam for cooler sleep, increased durability and even more pressure relief than traditional memory foam. All this and the mattresses are free from toxins too.

Nolah mattresses are delivered for free in a convenient box. You can also try a Nolah mattress for yourself with a 120-day risk-free trial. And if you decide it’s not for you, they’ll even send a driver to pick it up. 

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