Working from home? Here are 6 ways to create a perfect home office

6 ways to create space for a home office
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Need a home office? And fast? We've got you covered. With the coronavirus pandemic forcing many offices to move towards home working, we've rounded up six ways to create a home office, without too much effort or expense. As self-isolating and social distancing become the new norm, it's likely you're going to need somewhere at home to do the nine to five, especially if your children are home from school too.

So, whether you are a working from home first-timer, or just need to make some space for your new setup, we've got all the handy hacks on how to create storage solutions, provide the perfect lighting, or simply how to get all the equipment you need for your home office. 

And if it's an Insta-worthy home office you're after, check out our recommendations for the top influencers to follow and Pinterest boards to muse over as you create your home office, as well as our top picks for where to get all the things you'll need. After all, it's your home, and you want it to look great while you work from it.

1. Declutter the space around you 

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If wading through your emails amongst a ginormous pile of washing doesn't sound quite like the productive environment you're after, then bring out your inner Marie Kondo and have a good declutter. Make piles of things that are essential to keep, piles that need a new home, and piles that are destined for the trash.

Clutter obscures what’s most important. Discarding that which doesn’t support your ideal lifestyle creates space for treasured possessions to truly shine – and leaves room for future joy-sparking additions. - Marie Kondo

 If that seems a bit overwhelming, simply organize things in piles depending on how often you use them. Ask yourself if you'll use the items again or if you have in the last six months. If not, bag them up ready to give to your local thrift store. We love Marie Kondo's handy Insta tips. Check out her ideas over on Instagram.

2. Invest in some smart storage

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Admittedly, there are going to be lots of things you'll want and need to keep, even after decluttering. Head to for a great range of storage boxes. Opt for clear boxes if you're making space in your kitchen as this will give you a quick view of what's in each of the boxes. 

When it comes to the not-so-pretty things you need to tidy away, wicker boxes or colourful cabinets are fantastic for hiding their contents and adding a bit of flair to your space. And if it's children's toys that you need to find a home for, zipper bags are ideal for storing games. Check out Hello Happy Home's Instagram for plenty more inspiration, and also take a look at the surprisingly large selection in Walmart.

Fold clothes and store in rows inside drawers, rather than in piles. Label storage boxes and organize items based on what you use them for. Also, take a bit of time to sort through any piles of paperwork that need filing, shredding or chucking away. 

3. Get all the equipment you need

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Whether you've found the perfect space for your home office or not, you're going to need some equipment before you can begin. Get started with a desk, chair, laptop, keyboard and mouse, before considering things like a lamp and other home comforts. 

If you're after some home office equipment but aren't sure where to start, check out our guide to the best touch screen monitors or even best smart speakers to keep you motivated whilst you work. We've also got a handy guide on the best keyboards for home offices. And for all the other staying at home essentials, check out's specialized landing page, which features loads of offers on stay-at-home essentials.

It's also worth thinking about where you're going to put your office space. Consider avoiding placing a desk in your bedroom or a space you use to relax as this will only make it harder to switch off after a long day. Obviously, if you live in a smaller apartment this may not be possible, so try and partition off some space in this situation.

4. Think about lighting 

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Working from home isn't just about ticking things off your to do list, it's also important that you're comfortable and you're not causing unnecessary stress on your back or neck. Consider the lighting in your home office and make sure it's bright enough for you to avoid straining your eyes. 

And the lighting options are endless. Keep it simple with a stylish desk light or opt for a free-standing lamp to brighten up the entire room. Or for a really easy way to brighten up your room, check out our guide to the best smart light bulbs.

5. Work with the space you have 

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No matter how many Pinterest boards you have for a dreamy home office, if you don't have much spare space it can be a bit of a challenge. Consider using space under your stairs, in your living room or even double up your dressing table as a desk.

Keep your home office feeling Feng Shui and avoid placing desks against blank and uninspiring walls, if you can. Instead, opt for placing your desk in front of a window or in the middle of the room. If you're really strapped for space, brighten up the wall behind the desk with photo frames or some artwork. 

Pinterest is bursting with ideas for innovative space savers for your new home office. Check out Systems by Susie or Anthropologie for all the home interior ideas, along with Burke Decor. 

6. Bring in some plant power

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Insta-worthy and great for purifying the air around you, house plants are just about everywhere at the moment. Stock up on some succulents or invest in some leafy plants to clear the air in your home office (and make it look great too). 

Great air clearing plants include bamboo palms, cheese, and snake plants - and they also require little looking after too!

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