Yarbo release a robot lawn mower and snow blower in one for year-round yard care

the yarbo s1 snow blower moving around at ces 2024
(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

The Yarbo robot lawn mower unveiled improved features and modules at CES 2024 that’ll take care of yard maintenance all year through. It’s a world-first (as far as we’re aware of) that’ll make it possible to remove snow, mow the lawn, blow the leaves, and go on security patrol all from one unit.

Owning one of the best robot lawn mowers in 2024 is going to take care of cutting the grass in your backyard with very little effort from the spring. If you have one that doesn’t require boundary wires and has an app, then you’re going to be looking at near-complete automation. Snow blowers, on the other hand, are (usually) very manual and heavy and only come out of hibernation when there’s some snow to shift.

This is the case with the Yarbo snow-blowing module that’ll only come out in the snow (unless you want to have a play), but it’ll be a lot easier and more automated than you’re used to. The S1 Snow Blower module can be attached to the front of the core robot lawn mower, and a salt spreader can be attached to the back. It can tackle up to 16 inches of snow and includes a metal sheet for more durability. The S1 also has two cameras on its head for more accuracy and depth perception when identifying obstacles that would be best avoided.

The Yarbo Essential Core has a basic approach to the robot that'll allow you to maintain control through remote control and negates advanced smart features such as pedestrian detection or auto-navigation. It doesn’t need a boundary wire to keep it where you need it, but there is no app, so control is only with the separate control unit - much like you’d expect from a remote control car.

“What sets Yarbo apart is its unique innovative approach to yard work, multipurpose functionality, excellent modular design philosophy, and brings great value to families,” said VP of Yarbo Ken Kohlmann. “With Yarbo, back-breaking, labor-intensive, and exhausting lawn care becomes a thing of the past. Instead, let Yarbo do the work.”

yarbo s1 snow blower at ces 2024

The Yarbo S1 Snow Blower on demo at CES 2024 (Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

The Yarbo Snow Blower S1 is retailing for $7,500 and is available to buy direct from Yarbo. If that's a little steep for you right now, check out these snow blower deals that we've managed to find.

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