Best Snow Blower deals 2024: tips and tricks to get great discounts on Snow Joe, Greenworks, PowerSmart and more

snow blower deals: Electric and gas snow blowers to clear your driveway
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Searching for snow blower deals? We've got you. We know there's been some pretty heavy snowfall in Massachusetts over the last few days, so a snow blower is a great tool to invest in, whether you have snow to deal with now, or you just want to be extra prepared for when it does start to fall in your area.

Discover the best snow blowers for the best price, without having to spend hours shopping around online, by using our tips and guidance on when, where and how to shop in order to save big. For example, we recommend using simple shopping tools and extensions like CamelCamelCamel and, as they make it super easy to check the price of a particular snow blower across multiple websites, so you can find the site where it's cheapest. They can even give you the pricing history of a product, so you can see if the current price it's listed as is the lowest ever. Which comes in really handy if you want to know whether the deal you're after is truly a good one or not. 

On this page, we've got info on where best to shop, when great sales occur, and some great buying advice for you too, if you're stuck on how to choose a snow blower. Read on for our tricks, tips and FAQs. 

Bookmark this page to save yourself some time (and effort) when searching for a snow blower deal, as we'll be keeping it up-to-date with fresh deals whenever they land, for several big shopping events throughout the rest of the year, like Labor Day and Black Friday. 

Best snow blower deals and sales

Where to find the best snow blower deals?

These are the best brands and resellers to shop for a snow blower deal, as they often run great yearly sales during shopping events, but they also offer competitive prices year-round too.

While there aren't a ton of offers to hit all year round due to the changing necessity of snow blowers, (they are only necessary during a certain period of the year after all), it would be worth starting by figuring out how to choose a snow blower that would best fit your needs, or at least narrowing down the search, to set a budget and hone in on the specs you require: gas or electric, single-stage or two-stage.

See our A-Z list of stores and brands selling snow blowers at great prices.

When is the best time of year to shop a snow blower deal?

Late spring through to early autumn is the best time to bag a snow blower deal - essentially as long as it's out of season for when you would need one, it'll be cheaper, due to lack of demand. Snow blowers are a seasonal product so unless you're happy to pay full price when it's a case of needs must, it would also be worth getting prepared ahead of the first snow fall to save some top dollar.

You may find that key sales events such as Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday see some deeper discounts, but you'll have more choice from a wider variety of stock earlier on in the year.

Are there good Labor Day snow blower deals?

Last year, we saw some Labor Day deals and sales on yard and outdoor equipment like pressure washers and chainsaws, so it's not out of the question that you'll be able to find some decent snow blower deals. 

That being said, as Labor Day is in September - why not just wait a couple months until Black Friday, when you're guaranteed to find much bigger snow blower deals and discounts? But if you can't wait, then sure, Labor Day holds some promise too. 

Can I get Amazon Prime Day snow blower deals?

While this sale is only limited to Amazon Prime members and what is stocked with the online retailer, the Amazon Prime Day deals back in July 2023 saw several snow blowers discounted. This is not only out of season, but also around pay day for many, so it's a good sales event to hold out for if you can.

However, what we saw in 2023 was something that we didn't predict. Resellers such as Best Buy and Walmart launched anti-prime day deals that rivaled Amazon, offering equal, or even deeper discounts across a range of products. This meant that the yard equipment listed with select resellers was offered for super competitive prices, often with just a dollar or two in difference.

Are Black Friday snow blower deals any good?

While you may not have as much choice in the variety of products on sale, as we just mentioned, you will probably find that the discounts are much better for Black Friday. This is simply because Black Friday is without doubt the biggest shopping sales event in the US, so you're guaranteed to find really good discounts and offers with the usual major retailers over this period.

Big ticket items like snow blowers will almost definitely be discounted, and it's a great way to grab yourself a cheaper one during the colder fall and winter months - so you're ready for whatever the weather throws at you. 

Are Black Friday snow blower deals better than after Christmas deals?

Black Friday deals on snow blowers are often better, simply because these deals last longer, some even going into Cyber Week, where they may have an additional discount to tempt you to shop.

By the time you get to the after-Christmas sales, we expect to see some models with even deeper reductions on price, as a last push from retailers to move this stock before the year comes to a close.

In the in-between period between Black Friday and the after-Christmas sales, the prices may jump up slightly, but if you hold off for the sales in January, you may find that the prices are back down to their Black Friday level again. 

End of year snow blower deals

Waiting till the latter stage and the end of the year is a good idea if you want to save on a more expensive purchase like a top of the range snow blower. 

Lots of brands will be wanting to get rid of that years' stock in order to make way for new stock, so while there may not be a huge variety of choice, end of year shopping still promises good deals, especially during any January sales and the after Christmas sales

It's also a good second opportunity in case you missed out on any Black Friday deals. Shopping in the latter part of the year is great because there are so many shopping events and major sales crammed into a pretty small time frame, across 3 months. It's also why we all tend to feel the pinch in January!

Presidents' Day snow blower deals

Most retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart usually make a pretty big deal out of Presidents' Day sales, especially on larger appliances, but there are still good deals to be had on yard equipment like snow blowers too, so keep your eyes peeled for them. 

Presidents' Day is actually a good time to buy, as in January a lot of retailers have lowered their prices in order to clear out their remaining stock from the year before, so by the time Presidents' Day comes around, there should be some good deals on albeit (a little) last minute. Just keep your eyes peeled for them. In my opinion, Walmart and Best Buy have the most range of deals on offer, but The Home Depot is good for offers on very expensive 'fancier' snow blowers - if that's what you need. 

greenworks snow blower testing

The best snow blower deals: check back in throughout the year for the most up to date deals (Image credit: Future / Jonathan Knoder)

Snow blower deals: FAQs

Why are snow blowers so expensive?

Snow blowers are typically classed by the number of stages: one or two stages. The higher-stage models tend to cost more because they are generally more powerful, larger, and carry more features. You'll often be paying more for the brand name too. 

A lot of gas powered snow blowers are more expensive than battery powered ones too, so you'll have to work out which power source you need or prefer, as this will inform what you spend. 

Are snow blowers worth it?

This all depends on how much snow falls. If you only get a light covering during the winter months, then it probably wouldn't be worth it, but if you get heavy snowfall, then you could find it to be a struggle to shift the snow from sidewalks or the drive.

A snow blower is the best tool for the job of moving large amounts of wet, heavy snow with minimal effort. Check out how to use a snow blower if you're new to it.

Are cheap snow blowers worth it?

Be wary here, as it'll only be worth it if you choose the correct size of snow blower for the job and / or if you get enough snow that works for your budget. The cheaper snow blowers are generally better suited to smaller tasks such as clearing the walkway, or for handling lighter snowfall. But of course, when it comes to yard, sometimes the cheaper, the worse; both in quality and durability. 

How to know if you have found a good snow blower deal?

First off, shop with a decent brand; you'll get a good deal if you're shopping with a reputable brand. It's also a really good idea to check the customer reviews too, because this will indicate how good the product is; the good brands often have their customer reviews displayed under the product listing, which is a good sign of brand reliability, as it makes them more trustworthy.

Once you've found the snow blower you want, and checked the reviews for it, you could then use a browser extension like, which will be able to tell you first off if your snow blower is listed cheaper elsewhere online. 

Secondly, it can tell you if the discount price it's shown at is the lowest ever. This info is useful, because if it looks like the price is a lot lower during Black Friday for example, it could be worth putting a pin in buying it now, and holding off till Black Friday in order to save much more. 

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