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Amazon Payments Review

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PROS / This online processor doesn't require you to pay any PCI-related fees.

CONS / You don't get a dedicated customer service rep with Amazon Payments.

 VERDICT / Amazon Payments allows you to use Amazon's considerable resources and familiar logo to accept credit card payments online. It has a single flat rate and no monthly or annual fees.

Amazon Payments is a product developed by Amazon.com that allows you to accept credit cards online. It has a single flat rate, no monthly or annual fees and a quick setup process. For these reasons, Amazon Payments receives our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

Amazon Payments Compare Quotes

This online credit card processing company's Login and Pay with Amazon service works by allowing you to embed an Amazon checkout button on your website. Customers can then log in and check out using their Amazon.com username, password and account information. You can use Amazon Payments with a third-party eCommerce platform or shopping cart such as Shopify, Miva or WooCommerce. Amazon lists compatible platforms on its site, but you may be required to pay for a subscription for these services. Or, if you have website development expertise, you can utilize Amazon's API to integrate the online credit card processing service on your own website.

Fees & Pricing

Amazon Payment has a simple, flat rate that's applied to all transactions regardless of what type of card is used, with the exception of international cards. Debit, credit, rewards, and corporate cards are all processed at a 2.90 percent rate with a $0.30 per-transaction fee. This rate is good because it applies to nearly every type of card, though it's average for the online processors we reviewed that charge a flat rate. The processing rate for accepting international cards is higher, at 3.90 percent with a $0.30 per-transaction fee. The advantage of the flat rate is that it gives you a reliable estimate of what you can expect to pay for each transaction.

The per-transaction fee of $0.30 is average for the processors we reviewed that use the flat-rate pricing model, but if your business does many smaller transactions, per-transaction fees add up quickly. If you're business has larger ticket sizes, the per-transaction fees may not be as much of a factor.

Amazon Payments doesn't require any monthly, gateway or annual fees. You don't have a monthly minimum you have to meet. You don't receive an individual merchant account with Amazon Payments; instead, you're a sub-merchant under Amazon Payments' master merchant account, which can be beneficial because you don't have to worry about PCI compliance since Amazon Payments takes care of that for you. If a customer requests a chargeback and you choose to dispute it, Amazon Payments charges $20.

With the most basic implementation, your customers can log in with their Amazon account and the checkout experience is powered by Amazon's software. Because of this, you don't need to worry about a payment gateway and any setup or monthly fees that typically come with it. If you'd like a different method of implementation, Amazon provides a list of third parties that can help you create a more robust website, but keep in mind that many of these have additional costs associated with them.

Amazon Payments received a maximum grade on our transparency and consistency score. It provides detailed information about pricing, fees and terms on its website. These details were corroborated when we reached out to customer service.

Setup & Service

An easy application process is essential when choosing a processor that allows you to accept credit cards online. Amazon Payments has a simple application process that can be completed online and doesn't require much in the way of personal information. You either need to submit your Social Security number or employer identification number if your business is registered.

Your account can be set up in as few as two days. Quick setup is important so your business can start accepting cards as soon as possible. Be aware that this setup time refers to the most basic implementation. If you're using a third party to integrate with Amazon Payments, it may take longer to set up. Amazon Payments quickly clears your account, depositing your money as soon as the next day if you set up daily transfers from your payment account.

If you choose to use Amazon Payments as your online credit card processor, you don't have to sign a long-term contract. This is important because it allows your business to retain its flexibility and move on if the processor no longer meets your needs or if you find a better deal elsewhere. The lack of a contract also means there are no termination fees.

Customer Support

All online processors we reviewed were graded on their customer service. Amazon Payments received our maximum score. When our reviewers contacted them, the reps provided helpful information, replied quickly and followed up when we had additional questions.

Like many companies that use a master merchant account, Amazon Payments doesn't offer a dedicated account rep, 24/7 phone support or live chat. Email is the best way to get customer support, though there's a detailed online knowledgebase, which includes tips on how to best implement Amazon Payments on your website.


Amazon Payments is one of the best ways to accept credit cards online because it allows you to use Amazon.com's checkout technology on your website. It integrates with a variety of third-party shopping carts and eCommerce platforms and also offers an API that your web developer can use to add the service to your website. It has a single flat rate for all domestic cards; doesn't require a contract; and doesn't charge any monthly, gateway, or PCI-related fees. Quick setup time and quality customer service help make Amazon Payments a worthy choice for your online processing.

Amazon Payments Compare Quotes