Let's Find The Right Credit Card Processing Service For You

Pros / Cayan has one of the lowest interchange-plus rates in our review.

Cons / This is one of the least transparent companies on our review, posting no information about its pricing, fees or terms on its website.

 Verdict / Cayan has good online payment processing rates and reasonable fees but isn't transparent or consistent with its information.

Cayan is a credit card processor that used to operate under the name Merchant Warehouse. You can accept credit cards online with Cayan, and the company can also set you up to accept mobile and standard retail credit card payments. Cayan offers interchange-plus pricing and has relatively low fees but lacks the transparency and consistency we consider important in selecting a processor.

Interchange-plus pricing is the industry-preferred pricing model because it is less variable and more transparent than tiered pricing. Cayan's rate of 0.20 percent and a $0.10 per-transaction fee is one of the best interchange-plus rates in our review of online credit card processing companies. Interchange-plus is ideal for businesses with high average ticket sizes, but Cayan's rate makes it a decent option for businesses with low average ticket sizes as well.

If you choose to use Cayan to process credit cards online, you have to pay a variety of fees. The $4.95 monthly fee is the lowest such fee among the credit card processing companies in our review that charge this fee. In addition to the monthly fee, you have to pay a monthly gateway fee of $10 and an annual PCI-compliance fee of $99. You don't have a monthly minimum with Cayan, and there are no gateway setup costs.

Cayan fared poorly on our transparency and consistency score, receiving only 44 percent. Cayan doesn't post any information on its website about its processing costs, the fees it charges or its contract terms. Additionally, when our reviewers contacted it, we received contradictory information about pricing.

Setup speeds and service terms with Cayan are better than industry average. You can apply electronically, and your account can be set up within one day. After you begin accepting credit cards online, your account clears within one to two business days. You don't sign a long-term contract with Cayan; your service operates on a month-to-month basis. Since there's no contract, there is also no termination fee.

Cayan's customer service reps were helpful and willing to answer our reviewers' questions. You receive a dedicated account rep when you sign up. Other customer service features include an online knowledgebase, 24/7 phone support and live chat.


Cayan lacks transparency but offers low interchange-plus pricing. It doesn't require you to sign a long-term contract, so if you find it doesn't meet your needs, you can cancel without incurring costly penalties.