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CDGcommerce Compare Quotes

Pros / CDGcommerce has the lowest flat rate for debit cards in our review.

Cons / You're required to pay a monthly fee to use this processor.

 Verdict / This processor has low rates, no gateway costs and excellent customer service.

TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

CDGcommerce is a credit card processor that offers solutions to help your business accept credit cards online. It can also set you up with mobile and traditional retail processing. This processor offers its merchants a low swiped rate, no monthly gateway fees and quality customer service.

At 1.95 percent, CDGcommerce's flat rate is the lowest of any only processor in our review. This rate applies to regular credit and debit cards. CDGcommerce differs from other online credit card processing companies that charge a flat rate when you receive payments online, because it charges a higher rate, 2.95 percent, for rewards, corporate and international cards. For every sale, regardless of whether your customer presents a regular or premium card, you also pay a $0.30 per-transaction fee.

CDGcommerce charges a monthly fee of $10. This fee is lower than average and includes PCI-compliance and monthly gateway costs. You don't have to pay any monthly minimum fees or any gateway setup fees with CDGcommerce. If you want extra security features and breach protection coverage, you can enroll in its cdg360 protection plan.

This online credit card processing company received a score of 72 percent on our transparency and consistency score. It posts information about its fees and pricing online but not about its terms. It's important to select a processor that's both transparent and consistent with the information it provides.

Applying for an account with CDGcommerce is relatively simple, and this is reflected in our ease of application score where this processor earns a score of 92 percent. You can apply electronically, and it requires minimal information, such as a Social Security number or employer identification number. CDGcommerce can set up your account in under two days. After you begin processing, it deposits your funds into your account within two days. You don't have to sign a lengthy contract to work with CDGcommerce. Your agreement with this processor is month-to-month, which gives your business the flexibility to move on if you find a better deal elsewhere.

CDGcommerce has excellent customer support, receiving a 90 percent on our customer service score. When our reviewers contacted this processor, the reps we spoke to were polite, helpful and quick to respond. Unlike many processors that use a flat-rate model, CDGcommerce provides you with a dedicated account representative. This is important as it gives you a single point of contact who can help when you require customer support. You can reach customer support via live chat on the company's website or by phone 24/7.


CDGcommerce offers the lowest flat rate in our review. It charges a monthly fee, but the fee includes PCI-compliance and gateway costs, which gives it added value. This processor has quick setup times and excellent customer service, making it an excellent choice for processing credit cards online.

CDGcommerce Compare Quotes