Pros / Gateway and PCI-compliance costs are included in the monthly fee.

Cons / You don't have a dedicated account manager.

 Verdict / Though its online credit card processing costs are on the higher end, Helcim has few fees, admirable transparency and quality customer service.

Helcim is a Canada-based processor that's a relatively new entrant into the U.S. market. It offers interchange-plus pricing and is one of the most transparent processors in our review, posting a detailed explanation of its fees and pricing online. Helcim has quick setup, month-to-month service terms and quality customer service, all of which make it a worthy choice for accepting credit cards online.

The interchange-plus pricing Helcim charges to process credit card payments online is higher than its standard retail rate. The markup of 0.36 percent is higher than the average rate charged by the processors in our review who also use this pricing model. In addition to the markup rate, Helcim charges a $0.25 per-transaction fee, which is also higher-than-average. This makes Helcim a good choice for businesses with a higher average ticket size.

Helcim charges a monthly fee of $25. This fee is on the higher end of the processors we reviewed. However, this monthly fee also includes PCI compliance and gateway maintenance, which makes Helcim more cost-effective than other processors that charge those fees in addition to a monthly fee.

This online credit card processing company received the highest possible grade – 100 percent –on our transparency and consistency score. It posts the most detailed explanation of pricing and fees we saw during the review process.

Helcim rated well on its ease of application. You can apply electronically, there's no setup fee, and you don't need to submit anything more than basic personal and banking information. Helcim doesn't require a long-term contract and provides your online credit card processing service on a month-to-month basis. Helcim also meets our benchmarks for the time it takes to set up and clear the account. Your account can be set up in two days, and it takes between one and two business days to clear the account and deposit your funds into your business bank account.

This processor offers excellent customer service. When our reviewers contacted it, the customer service reps were quick to reply and provided in-depth answers to our questions. Helcim offers 24/7 phone support and an online knowledgebase. It doesn't assign you a dedicated account rep or offer live chat.


Helcim is one of the most transparent credit card processing companies in our review and posts details about key information about rates, fees and terms on its website. Its monthly fee includes PCI-compliance and gateway costs, which provides added value. This processor uses industry-recommended interchange-plus pricing though its cost for accept credit cards online is slightly above average.

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No Setup Fee
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Clear pricing
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Small and medium businesses

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