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Pros / Payline offers simple, transparent pricing plans.

Cons / The monthly gateway fee includes a per-transaction fee.

 Verdict / Payline doesn't require a contract and can set up your account quickly. It charges more fees than the best processors.

Payline provides small business with payment gateways and processing technology so they can accept credit cards online. It has some of the best customer service we encountered as well as competitive processing costs that the company posts on its website.

This online payment processing company offers interchange-plus pricing to all its merchants. Payline has two different pricing plans: one for retail and one for online businesses. Both feature interchange-plus pricing, which industry experts recommend. It also offers custom plans for businesses that process more than $80,000 per month. The online credit card processing plan has a markup of 0.35 percent over interchange and a $0.10 per-transaction fee. Although the markup is higher than many of the other online credit card processing companies we reviewed, the per-transaction fee is lower than average.

Payline charges many of the standard fees we expect from online credit card processing companies. These fees include a monthly fee of $15, a PCI-compliance fee of $99 and a monthly minimum of $25. These fees fall around the industry average. The monthly minimum isn't derived from processing costs, like many other online credit card processing companies. Rather, it comes from the total cost of the transactions you run, which is favorable for seasonal businesses or those that process a low or variable volume of credit card each month.

Using Payline's online payment gateway incurs additional costs. You can expect to pay a gateway setup fee and a monthly gateway fee. The setup fee is $49 and the monthly fee is $10, along with an additional $0.10 per-transaction fee. These gateway costs are more expensive than most, though Payline operates its own gateway so you do have the benefit of not having to work with a third party.

This online payment processing company scored well on our transparency and consistency score. Payline posts information about its pricing, fees and terms online. When we reached out, its reps confirmed that information.

Payline met all of our setup and service benchmarks. You don't need a contract, and there are no account setup or cancellation fees. Your account can be set up within two days, and your funds are deposited into your business bank account within one to two business days. You can complete the application electronically, and it requires minimal documentation.

This online credit card processing company has excellent customer service. Our reviewers spoke to multiple reps, and each one was helpful and quick to respond through phone or email. If you sign with Payline, you're assigned a dedicated account rep. Phone support operates 24/7, and live chat is also available.


Payline offers its own payment gateway to help you accept credit cards online. It uses an interchange-plus pricing plan that stacks up well against the competition, though it has more fees than our top-rated processors. Payline offers excellent customer support and quick setup times.

Specifications and Benchmarks

Setup & Service Terms

Ease of Application Score
No Setup Fee
Quick Setup Time
Quickly Clears the Account

Interchange-Plus Pricing

Interchange-Plus Markup
Per Transaction


Monthly Fee
Monthly Minimum
Monthly Gateway Fee
$10 + $0.10
No Gateway Setup Fee
PCI-Compliance Fee
PCI Non-Compliance Fee
Chargeback Fee

Flat-Rate Pricing

Processing Rate
Per Transaction

Tiered Pricing

Swiped Debit Card
Swiped Credit Card
Per Transaction

Quick Picks

Noteworthy Feature
Simple rate plans
Best For
Businesses with no processing history

Online Processing Costs

Transparency & Consistency Score

Customer Support

Customer Service Score
Dedicated Account Rep
Phone 24/7
Live Chat