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The Garmin Approach G3 features a 2.6-inch anti-glare touchscreen. It is a palm-sized unit that boasts full functionality, with a compact and slim design. The G3 is the ideal unit for players who prefer to walk the course. The Approach features a rugged exterior that allows you to play the game without worrying about damaging your golf GPS device.

The Approach G3 helps to eliminate the guesswork for you, the player. The Approach shows your location on a detailed, fully preloaded set of course maps throughout North America and Latin America. The G3 features a highly sensitive GPS receiver that pinpoints your position. Your position updates as you move, so you’ll always know your precise yardage. The device is compliant with USGA rules, so it is tournament-ready, and there are no subscriptions or setup fees for this GPS unit.

The Approach includes a feature called Tree Line Coverage, which can help you navigate a course that is obstructed by trees. This feature will help you see where trees line your fairway, allowing you to adjust your shot. Touch Your Target is a helpful feature that allows you to measure distances for your next shot on the fly. You can touch any point on the anti-glare display, and the Approach G3 shows you the precise distance to that spot – fairway, hazard, landing area, or the front, middle and back of the green. The device also lets you zero in on the pin with Green View, for accurate yardage.

Additionally, the Garmin Approach G3 features a digital scorecard, enabling you to track your progress and read and review scores on your computer after your round. Garmin also periodically updates existing course maps and also adds new courses.

The Garmin Approach G3 is a well-equipped golf GPS unit. The price is quite reasonable considering its large touchscreen. Similar devices often cost much more than the G3.