AngelSense Guardian review

AngelSense Guardian is a dedicated tracker made for parents to track their children with peace of mind.

AngelSense Guardian review
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AngelSense Guardian is a GPS tracker kit crammed with features specifically for child and elderly tracking that make this a popular choice.


  • +

    Can't be removed without key

  • +

    GPS and cellular connectivity

  • +

    Decent battery life

  • +

    SOS and two-way talk


  • -

    Not the smallest

  • -

    Plans are expensive

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The AngelSense Guardian is a package that includes the AngelSense GPS and cellular tracking device. This is a unit designed specifically for tracking children, the elderly and those with physical or mental difficulties. As such it's crammed full of useful features for doing just that.

This comes from a company dedicated to this exact task, meaning the product is designed with the parents and guardians in mind. That means fast and accurate tracking but also ease of use with the dedicated app that offers map based tracking.

Unlike a lot of the competition, this device is made so it can't be removed, making it ideal for those at risk. It also features an SOS button as well as a two-way talk option. All these features make it one of the best personal GPS trackers you can buy.

AngelSense Guardian: Design and features

The AngelSense Guardian isn't going to win any aesthetics-based design awards, looking more like a car battery than anything. But that's not the point: the important stuff is under the surface. 

At its most basic this features an SOS button and a two-way talk button. That means this has a speaker and microphone built in. There is also a volume rocker on the side as well as a power button next to the USB charging port.

AngelSense Guardian

(Image credit: AngelSense)

We particularly like the special pin and key system used to attach it to the wearer’s clothing. The design is similar to anti-theft devices and requires a magnetic key to unlock it. You can use the tracker in a bag or pocket, the fabric case and pins make it impossible to remove if the wearer has sensory issues.

The Guardian Kit also comes with a sensory sensitive wearing sleeve and a travel case with USB charger. There are three of the non-removable fasteners and one magnetic key, allowing use on multiple surfaces like clothes and bags.

AngelSense Guardian: Performance

The 4G LTE national coverage and GPS location make for very accurate and near instant location acquisition. This is helpful when used with the app, showing the location on a map. But geofencing is also an option, where you are alerted if the tracker goes outside the designated area. 

There was about a 30-second delay in alerts being received based on movement which is very good compared to the competition. This works not only with LTE but also Wi-Fi, allowing for greater accuracy of tracking when inside buildings, so you don't have to wait for a GPS signal to be acquired. 

AngelSense Guardian

(Image credit: AngelSense)

The two-way talk feature is really useful with a clear back and forth possible between guardian and wearer. There is also a discreet listening mode, allowing the parent or guardian to listen in on what's happening without the wearer or anyone with them knowing they're being listened to.

The alarm feature is also a useful addition, allowing you to activate a loud noise on the device which will help you find the wearer should they be hiding.

Battery life was good for a solid 24 hours before needing a charge. Plug in and a voice says "charging", so you know it's getting juiced back up to full.

AngelSense: Service plans

If you're new to personal GPS, it's worth noting that there's an additional monthly charge for using them. After all, you need to effectively run a sim-card in this device, and you're paying for alerts and customer support.

AngelSense offers three options when it comes to paying for this. If you just want to pay month-on-month, that's $40 per month. If you're looking to subscribe for a year, that's $29.99 per month, or a single payment of $300 (which works out at $25 per month, for comparison). It's reasonable value, but obviously an extra expense you may not have accounted for.

With this you get the full feature set of what AngelSense offers, including unlimited alerts, realtime tracking via the app, full customer support, and an unlimited number of guardians for the device. It's comprehensive, but you do pay a heck of a lot for the service. The only thing that was more expensive in our tests was the BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 7.

Should you buy the AngelSense Guardian?

For parents of children, guardians of the elderly and those with dependants who have physical or mental difficulties, this is an ideal tracker. It offers all the features you could want along with great accuracy and a speed of alert that makes this stand out from the competition.

This isn't the cheapest, with a subscription required to pay for the cellular coverage. But it certainly justifies the cost with its performance and features. Of course, if you want something for more casual use, we suggest the Samsung SmartThings Tracker.

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