Waterproof Speakers Review

Why Buy Waterproof Speakers?

Waterproof speakers are designed in much the same way as regular indoor speakers with the exception that they will not get damaged when exposed to moist or wet conditions. They are composed of durable materials and the insides of the speakers are sealed tightly to prevent moisture from entering the electronic components. Waterproof speakers include the Earson ER-153, the Braven BRV-1 and the Bose 131.

Waterproof Speakers: What to Look For

All-weather speakers are designed to work on the same principle as speakers that remain in the home. These speakers convert electrical signals into mechanical energy that creates sound waves that you can hear. The main things to consider when looking for a waterproof speaker is how the speaker is made, how you can transmit your media, the quality of the sound and how you can power the device.

Cabinet Design
The cabinet of your waterproof speaker is what houses the internal components. Not only does the cabinet keep everything free from damage inside, but the exterior cabinet can be designed to fit in with your decor or stand out. Some cabinets are small and compact and can be moved around your patio or go with you to an outdoor event. Other waterproof speakers, such as marine speakers on a boat, are built in. In addition, some cabinets have a unique design that adds beauty as well as function to your decor.

Like home speakers, waterproof speakers hook up to a musical component to play sound. Some waterproof speakers have Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth device, while other speakers have built-in radios or can connect to your stereo via stereo terminals. Wireless speakers are generally more portable, but wired connections tend to provide richer sound.

Power Supply
Waterproof speakers can run off either an AC/DC adapter or batteries. While speakers with an AC/DC adapter require you to be within range of an outlet, battery-operated speakers have a limited playtime before you must charge the device or change the batteries. When considering battery-operated speakers, be sure to check out the playback time, which gives you a good idea of how often you will need to change the batteries while the speakers are in use.

Frequency Range
The frequency range of speakers determines the range of sound the speakers will produce. Lower frequencies produce a rich bass sound, and higher frequencies produce more treble. It's best to choose a speaker with a large frequency range in order to obtain the best all-around sound. You should keep in mind however that the richer the bass on the speakers generally means you will have to pay more money. Speakers that focus on the upper range are cheaper, but you won't get the pounding base notes from these types of speakers.

Waterproof speakers are ideal for those who enjoy entertaining outside or for those who spend a good deal of time near the water. It's best to consider your needs and your options so you can find the best waterproof speaker for your needs.