Pros / The Gear Fit is one of few fitness devices with a touchscreen system where you can view and interact with your fitness data.

Cons / A major downside is its Samsung-only compatibility. You must have a Galaxy phone in order to use the tracker.

 Verdict / If you have a Galaxy phone, the Samsung Gear Fit is a sleek, easy-to-use tracker with lots of helpful feedback and goal tracking for your fitness regimen.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

If you're looking for a smart-watch, fitness-tracker hybrid, the Samsung Gear Fit is an excellent choice. You can track your steps, monitor your heart rate and change music on your phone all while exercising. The unique design and easy-to-use interface and touchscreen make the Samsung Gear Fit fun to use.

This personal fitness device has all of the features you need to accurately track your fitness. From the device and app, you can see your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and how long you've been active. A heart rate monitor also keeps track of your exercise and the sleep tracker keeps track of your down time.

Not only do you get the traditional tracking features, you also receive a few additional features for everyday use. With the Gear Fit, you can track your fitness and use your device as a limited smart watch. You can change songs on your phone from the tracker, locate your synced device and view notifications from your email or texting app.

The curved touchscreen is much larger and brighter than many other fitness trackers. When you raise your hard or arm to your face, the watch turns on so you don’t have to push a button to view the time. The wallpaper is also interchangeable so you can control and customize your device further. Since it has such a nice, bright screen, the battery only lasts three days before you need to recharge.

In order to motivate you to move and exercise more, the Gear Fit has a coaching feature as well as goal tracking to keep you on pace. The large touchscreen is so bright you can see your information even during broad daylight. Also, the one-button navigation system and screen that supports swiping make viewing all your data extremely easy and efficient.

This fitness device actually needs two apps to work. The Gear Fit Manager is the app that helps you adjust settings on your device, and the S Health app is the program where you can view your tracked data. Two apps seems unnecessary, but using the S Health app is easy enough. A major downside to the Gear Fit is that it only works with select, later-generation Samsung Galaxy phones. If you have any other phone, you're out of luck as there isn’t an online account.

Samsung offers a one-year warranty for the Gear Fit, and technical representatives are available by email and phone. FAQs and a helpful manual are on the website as well. We found that the Gear Fit was so easy to use that there was really no need to access how-to instructions.

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The Samsung Gear Fit is one of the best in our fitness tracker reviews, but compatibility is a real issue. If the Gear Fit was compatible with Apple or other Android devices, it would be much more accessible. However, it's still a great device if you have a Galaxy phone.

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