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Pros / The full screen display is easy to swipe through and allows you to see real-time data without checking your phone.

Cons / The sensor is finicky. You need to take the device out of its holder to monitor your heart rate, and it works best when you hold perfectly still, so it's difficult to test while working out.

 Verdict / You can closely monitor your fitness with the Withings Pulse 02. The device and app work together to show a quadrant view of your health, which provides a full, detailed picture of your habits and well-being.

With the Withings Pulse 02, you can do much more than track your fitness. This activity tracker has features that monitor many aspects of your health, such as your heart rate, weight and sleep quality. A long battery life, touchscreen and easy-to-use app all make the Withings Pulse 02 one of the best we've seen in our fitness tracker reviews.

The best activity trackers monitor your steps, calories burned and distance traveled. The Withings Pulse 02 goes beyond these normal monitoring features. You can track your blood oxygen level, your heart rate and even changes in altitude. This personal fitness device tracks your statistics more intensely than other trackers.

Fitness trackers that can be worn more than one way are the easiest to wear, since you can change their location based on the activity you are participating in. The Withings Pulse 02 works with a belt clip or a wristband and is comfortable to wear. The silicone wristband comes in two colors and is thin and light. It also adjusts to your wrist size easily.

However, one problem with this fitness device's design lies in the band itself. The sensor that monitors your heart rate and blood oxygen level is on the back of the device. When you put the device in the band, the back of the band covers up the sensor. To see your heart rate, you have to take the device out of its band and put the sensor up to your finger, then put the device back in its holder. This is inconvenient and is made even more so by the fact that the sensor works best when you're sitting still and not moving.

The battery lasts for about two weeks, which is much longer than comparable devices. However, the screen is extremely hard to read in sunlight, so wearing this device on your midday run might make reading your data a little harder.

The Withings Pulse 02 has a unique navigation system for its large screen. A small button on top of the device allows you to change between screens displaying steps taken and calories burned. You can also use the touchscreen to view your activity on past days. On the steps-taken screen, you can see a progress bar that shows how close you are to reaching your daily goal.

Using the app, you can set your own goals and reminders to stay on track. This fitness tracker also shows you the time. It stood up well when calculating steps taken, calories burned and sleep accuracy during our tests, but its active minutes reports were less accurate than most.

Good activity trackers work with apps to monitor and report your daily fitness, and the best activity trackers don't just tell you how you're doing. The Pulse 02 not only reports your data and lets you set goals but also analyzes quadrants of your fitness and overall health: weight, activity, sleep and heart health. The Withings Pulse 02 syncs with iOS and Android devices, and you can view your data online and on the free app. We found that the syncing process takes a little longer than with comparable products, but the Pulse 02 still did a good job transferring information. This is one of the best fitness trackers because it works with other fitness apps as well.

The Pulse 02 comes with a one-year warranty, which covers it against defects and damage. If you have concerns or questions, technical support is available through email. You can also check FAQs and the manual on the company’s website for additional help.

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The Withings Pulse 02 is one of the best fitness trackers because of its extra tracking features and helpful app. The blood oxygen monitor and altitude tracker help mountain climbers, the heart rate monitor aids runners, and the app teaches you to make healthier choices in all aspects of your life. The design and interface are slightly flawed, but the Pulse 02 is still a great choice for people of any fitness level.

Withings Pulse 02 Visit Site