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Men's Sport Watches Reviews

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Men's Sport Watches Review

Why Purchase a Men’s Sports Watch?

Whether you're an avid athlete, a rugged outdoorsman or a weekend adventurer, the world of men’s sports watches has a watch to fit any activity. These watches do far more than just keep time. They are designed with your adventures in mind. You can explore the depths of the darkest caves, track your best marathon time and so much more, all with the same watch. Even if you have drawers and drawers of watches for different occasions, you'll find that with a sport's watch, you can choose one that can be used for all of your favorite activities.

The selection of men’s sports watches on the market can be quite daunting if you don’t know the functionality and special features you should be looking for. We’ve narrowed down thousands of choices to the best watches for men, and our favorites are the Timex SL Series, the Citizen Blue Angel Series and the Victorinox Original Chronograph. We compared the best sport watches for men, and provide our findings in several articles on men’s sports watches.

Men’s Sports Watches: What to Look For

Because watches aren't particularly a new technology, most people already have certain features in mind that every watch should have. However, no two watches are exactly alike, so when you're shopping for a men's sport watch, you'll want to pay attention the functionality and features it offers, as well as the design and the support from the manufacturer, including the warranty.

Sports watches are designed to complete certain tasks, like keep dual time, split time to track laps and overall time, and more. If a watch is labeled as a chronograph, that generally means it is equipped with additional counters: 30 minutes, 1/20th of a second, etc. These dials are located on the face of the watch and are perfect for timekeeping and stopwatch functions.

Water resistance is a key function for a sports watch. Be sure to note, however, that water resistant and waterproof aren’t synonyms. Water resistance is generally measured by the depth of water the watch can be immersed; most can’t handle over 200 meters, or roughly 650 feet. If you are looking to scuba dive with your watch, look for one that has an atmospheric pressure rating (ATM) of at least 20ATM (or 200 meters).

Of course, timekeeping functionality is key, but a few features on the side make the best fitness watches stand out from the pack. Around the rim of many sports watches you’ll find a tachymeter, a scale used to calculate an average speed between two distances. You can figure how fast you're swimming a lap or how quickly your car is moving in units per hour. This feature is essential for runners and sailors. Look for watches with luminescent hands or a night mode that allows you to view the time even in the pitch black. Date calendars, dual alarms and shock resistance are two more features that add functionality and durability to your watch.

These sports watches are packed with functionality that could easily make the watch bulky, but the best men’s sports watches are sleek in their design. Particularly impressive are those with a stainless steel case, a black face and rubber or stainless steel bands. This style of watch seems to lend itself to outdoors or sporty activates while still looking expensive and refined in other settings.

Help & Support
Men’s sports watches are equipped with some complex features. If you’ve never used such complex functionality or have a device that malfunctions, a good help and support system is essential. Look for a sports watch that comes with a comprehensive user manual as well as online support. Watches of this caliber will need to be serviced for general maintenance from time to time, so an online service center finder and a stellar warranty are must-haves.

Your next training exercise or outdoor adventure can be enhanced with a men’s sports watch that has great time-keeping functions and athletic features, such as a chronograph or tachymeter. The top watches on our lineup have the best functionality and features available, which you're sure to make good use of on your next escapade, whether it's running, hiking, boating or diving.