Whether you're an aspiring athlete, an avid hiker who spends your weekends in the mountains or a swimmer who hits the pool every morning, the world of men's sports watches has a watch to fit any activity. These watches do far more than just keep time. They are designed with your adventures in mind. You can explore the depths of the darkest caves, track your best marathon time and so much more, all with the same watch. Even if you have drawers and drawers of watches for different occasions, you'll find that with a sports watch, you can choose one that can be used for all of your favorite activities.

The selection of men's sports watches on the market can be quite daunting if you don't know the functionality and special features you should be looking for. We've narrowed down thousands of choices to the best watches for men. You can review all our findings and analysis in several articles on men's sports watches.

Men's Sport Watches for High-Performance Athletes

A key component to training for a competition or marathon is tracking your progress. The best sport watches will give you quick access to data so you can stay focused on improvement. They should be lightweight, comfortable during sweaty workouts and easy to read. If you're a track athlete or a CrossFit junkie, you'll need an accurate counter for tracking the speed of quick laps during high-intensity interval training. Accuracy is essential, so look for a men's sports watch that records your time to 1/20th of a second, though 1/10th should be enough. Especially for fast bursts like a 40-yard dash, those split seconds can be important to track. For longer distances, an easy-to-read chronograph and a start-and-stop function are incredibly helpful. If you're training for a marathon, you can take a quick glance at your watch and see how you're doing on a specific mile by looking at the time since your last mile marker. Staying on pace is essential. You'll fall behind if your pace is too slow and you may burnout if your pace is too fast. The Seiko Sportura collection has up to three additional dials on its face so you can measure your time in as high as 60-minute intervals to as low as 60-second intervals. You can start your time, reset your time and track your total time for your run overall. The stopwatch feature is useful for getting an accurate assessment of your time so you can work on increasing your speed during your next training session.

Seiko Sportura

The Seiko Sportura Series is a men's sport watch that uses a chronograph and quartz movement technology to keep very accurate time for athletic activities. This fitness watch is water resistant up to 100 meters, making the timepiece as useful in the pool as on the track or field. The watch lacks a 30-minute counter that is found on many other outdoor watches, but it has stopwatch features that make it useful when you are trying to beat your time records on the track.

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Men's Sport Watches for Rugged Outdoorsman

Men's Sport Watches aren't only for keeping time and measuring distances. A good athletic watch can also help you explore the wilderness. An outdoorsman needs a watch to set alarms and be aware of sunrise and sunset times. For rock climbers, hikers, winter and water sports, the ability to take a beating is important in a men's sports watch. For this, you should consider a watch with built-in shock-resistance. These watches have additional protections for the internal components that keep them safe if you bump into something or fall.

You'll need to be able to see your watch in low-light situations, such as walking around at night or exploring a cave. Men's sport watches have a number of different ways to see the face of your watch in the dark. Hands that have luminescence will glow when you push a button. Watches that have night-mode light up the entire face when you tap the top or press a button on the side.

The Victorinox Chronograph line is a good choice for outdoor enthusiasts. The nylon band has comfortable character and the stainless steel case is shock-resistant. The case is triple-coated, making it incredibly tough. The clock has hands that illuminate with a button on the right side of the face. This line also has the option for a rubber strap, which adds more strength and durability than the basic nylon.

Victorinox Infantry

The Victorinox Infantry Chronograph Series is a men's fitness watch that comes with a wide variety of functions and features, such as stopwatch functions and a date feature. The Infantry Chronograph lacks a tachymeter, so you won't be able to calculate your speed over a fixed distance, but this sharp-looking watch can help you keep track of your times around the track or in the pool.

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Men's Sport Watches for Swimmers

Bluetooth watches and trackers have gained popularity, but a men's sports watch is the right choice for swimmers who are looking for fewer frills and better usability in the water. The best men's sports watches for swimmers are water-resistant well below the water's surface. This makes them effective for both lap pools and diving in the ocean.

For those who swim for exercise or train for triathlons, a split function is vital. This can allow you to track the speed of a lap and measure the speed of the next lap without losing your overall time. A split function helps with pace and contributes to journaling your laps and tracing your progress from workout to workout.

The Citizen Blue Angel Series is made for active swimmers and those who spend time at lower depths in oceans or lakes. The watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters, which is more than 650 feet below the surface – far deeper than amateur divers ever venture. The split function is receptive and easy to set. The battery is also rechargeable, a nice feature that isn't available on many men's sports watches and gives you confidence you won't lose track of an important lap time.

Citizen Blue

The Citizen Blue Angel Series is a men's sport watch designed to match your athletic needs. This fitness watch for men uses quartz movement technology, which is an accurate method of keeping time. The battery sends electricity to the quartz crystal inside, causing it to vibrate at precise, recordable speeds. The hands on this particular model snap into position and hit their marks.

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Men's Sport Watches for Athletic Fashionistas

Men's sports watches aren't only for people who are training for a race or outside fighting the elements. These watches have a unique style that makes them a great accessory if you're just going out for the night. The faces of these watches have a sleek appearance and can be a fashion statement.

Though it may not be the best material for swimming or hiking, stainless steel gives a men's sport watch a modern look, and very few watches can pull off a steel design for the case, band and crown. The faces of the watches also tend to be dark, such as black or blue, giving the watch a more masculine appeal.

The Timex SL series has all the features and functionality of other men's sports watches, but it also looks great if you're wearing a suit to work or going out for drinks on the weekend. The face has a sharp, professional appearance. The entire watch is stainless steel, making it a good choice over those with cheap plastic bands or digital faces. This watch has a 43-millimeter face, which is quite large. Its size helps it stand out with your ensemble.

Timex SL Series

The Timex SL Series men's sports watch can handle outdoor, athletic and everyday adventures. The battery in this outdoor watch sends electric currents to an internal quartz crystal. When the crystal receives power, it vibrates thousands of time every second, sending the second and then the minute hand precisely around the watch face. The included battery should last up to four and a half years before you 'll need to replace it.

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Because watches aren't a particularly new technology, most people already have certain features in mind that every watch should have. However, no two watches are exactly alike. When you're shopping for a men's sport watch, you'll want to pay attention to the functionality and features it offers, as well as the design and the support from the manufacturer, including the warranty.

Sports watches are designed to complete certain tasks, like keep dual time, split time to track laps and overall time, and more. If a watch is labeled as a chronograph, that generally means it is equipped with additional counters: 30 minutes, 1/20th of a second, etc. These dials are located on the face of the watch and are perfect for timekeeping and stopwatch functions.

Water resistance is a key function for a sports watch. Be sure to note, however, that water resistant and waterproof aren't synonyms. Water resistance is generally measured by the depth of water the watch can be immersed in; most can't handle over 200 meters, or roughly 650 feet. If you are looking to scuba dive with your watch, look for one that has an atmospheric pressure rating (ATM) of at least 4ATM (or 30 meters). For experienced recreational divers, 5ATM (or 40 meters) is more than enough.

Of course, timekeeping functionality is key, but a few features on the side make the best fitness watches stand out from the pack. Around the rim of many sports watches you'll find a tachymeter, a scale used to calculate an average speed between two distances. You can see how fast you're swimming a lap or how quickly your car is moving in units per hour. This feature is essential for runners and sailors. Look for watches with luminescent hands or a night mode that allows you to view the time even in the pitch black.

Men's sports watches are equipped with complex features. In case you need help using the features or your device malfunctions, 'a good help and support system is essential. Look for a sports watch that comes with a comprehensive user manual as well as online support. Watches of this caliber will need to be serviced for general maintenance from time to time, so an online service center finder and a stellar warranty are must-haves.

Your next training exercise or outdoor adventure can be enhanced with a men's sports watch that has great time-keeping functions and athletic features, such as a chronograph or tachymeter. The best sport watches have versatile features, which you're sure to make good use of on your next adventure, whether it's running, hiking, boating or diving.