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Victorinox Swiss Army Summit XLT 241338 Review

PROS / This watch can measure speed, distance and time easily and effectively.

CONS / Although the hands are luminescent, there is not a specific night mode.

 VERDICT / The XLT can enhance your athletic training or act as a standard, everyday watch.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Victorinox, the mother company of Swiss Army, may be known for its fantastically handy and efficient Swiss Army knives, but since 1989, Victorinox has been in the men’s sports watch business. The tagline the company associates with its Victorinox Swiss Army Summit XLT is "Perfect for Adventure, Suitable for Everyday," and we're inclined to agree.

With the sports watch, you can measure the speed of your sailboat with the tachymeter, snorkel near an exotic beach without worrying about water damage or pair it with a tuxedo for a fancy party. With so many extra features and standard functionality, it is more than just a sports watch – it is an everyday watch.


When we say the XLT is an everyday watch with extra features, we mean that it can keep time like the best watches, but it also has a few added enhancements. Power from a small watch battery sends an electrical pulse to the quartz tuning fork inside the watch. This exchange of power and the quartz's quick vibrations make the watch keep the most accurate time possible. The battery should last for up to three years before you'll need to have it replaced.

Because the Summit XLT is a chronograph, three dials enhance the watch face. These dials can track increments of 1/20th of a second, 30 minutes and 60 seconds. The start and stop and split-function buttons on the right-hand side of the watch face can control the dials just like a stopwatch would. This watch is also water resistance up to 100M and, according to its user manual, this means you can snorkel and swim without worrying about running it.


Most men's sports watches have much the same functionality. All that really sets one apart from another is its appearance and included features. The Victorinox Summit XLT has almost every feature you could ask for in a stylish sport watch. Around the edge of the watch face, you'll see a rotating bezel, which is sometimes referred to as a tachymeter. Whatever you call it, this handy little device can measure speed based on travel time and distance based on speed. Runners and sailors alike will appreciate this feature.

For added protection, the watch is equipped with shock resistance to prevent any damage from athletic bumps or jostles. You can also keep track of the calendar date with the date window at four o'clock. The only feature we wish it had is a night mode. You can't illuminate the entire watch face, but its hands have a luminescent quality and are illuminated when you're in the dark.


A dual color pallet of silver and black set off the numerals and dials on the Summit XLT's watch face; the band is black, as is the rotating bezel, while the face and casing are silver. The watch's band is made out of rubber, giving the Summit XLT a sporty feel. Combining a common, practical material with the stainless steel elegance of the watch face is what makes this watch so chameleon like. It looks sporty and classy at the same time. The band fastens with a stainless steel buckle.

Size-wise, this watch is slightly smaller than its competitors are, with a face diameter of only 40mm and a strap width of 18mm. We think these measurements can swing in a positive or negative light based on personal preference, so we didn't base our ranking on them. Protecting the watch face is a layer of hardened mineral glass – a substance with high reflective qualities as well as outstanding durability.

Help & Support

Victorinox offers the best warranty of any product on our lineup of men's sports watches. Three years of protection is included with the purchase of the Summit XLT. The warranty covers faulty materials and manufacturing but doesn't include the battery or damage to the watch, whether by misuse or aging. This type of warranty is standard in the industry – Victorinox just adds two years more than its competitors do.

On the Victorinox Summit XLT's product page, you'll find specific, technical information about the watch and more information on the warranty. You can also download a user manual. The manual covers most of Victorinox's watch line, so you will need to know which model you have to find the information pertinent to you.

Each section of the manual refers to different calibres. To determine your watch's calibre, simply look at the number engraved on the back of your watch. For repair and maintenance information, an online service center listing is available to help you find a certified repair location in your area. Additional resources on the website include a contact phone number, email address and FAQs.


Quality, functionality and features are the Victorinox Swiss Army Summit XLT's strongest traits. This chronograph has functions capable of tracking time, speed and distance. If you are training for a race, marking distance at sea or performing any similar activity, the XLT is sure to enhance your preparation.