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Fitbit One Review

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PROS / The screen is easy to read, and the button that controls it is easy to use.

CONS / The One isn’t designed to be worn on your wrist like a watch – it can only be worn as a clip during the day or in a thick arm band while you sleep.

 VERDICT / The Fitbit One is a great companion for tracking your steps because it is accurate and small, and it has an excellent app.

The Fitbit One pedometer is a trusty device backed up by the stellar Fitbit app. Also, our extensive testing shows it is one of the best pedometers for accurately tracking steps. For these reasons, as well as its impressive screen and overall usability, we give it our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for pedometers.

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  1. The longer the battery life, the less you have to charge or replace the battery.
    More is Better.
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    4.92 Months

Tracking Accuracy

The Fitbit One is one of the most accurate pedometers when tracking steps. During our tests, reviewers found that it tracked steps and active minutes best; it only deviated 10 steps for every 5,000 taken, and it exactly tracked active minutes. We also found that the One most accurately tracked this information when we wore it on our hips.

Its calories burned readout and reported distance traveled were also pretty close to our actual numbers. It is hard to track how many calories you burn without heart rate data, but the One was less than 100 calories off of our daily total, which is pretty good for a pedometer. It overestimated distance a little but was less than half a mile off for every 2.5 miles we actually walked.


This step counter is incredibly easy to use. The wide screen displays the time, your stats for the day and a motivational flower that grows larger as you get closer to meeting your goal. The Fitbit One has a single button that isn’t hidden, clever or cool; it is plain, simple and easy. Some of the pedometers we reviewed have complicated buttons that can be difficult to use, so it is refreshing to just have a simple button right on top of the device, next to the screen. The screen itself is super bright, making it easy to read in any lighting condition. It also displays short motivational messages using your name, which entice you to walk even more.

The battery is rechargeable, so it doesn’t last as long as a coin cell battery – this pedometer needs to be charged every two weeks. However, you never have to worry about replacing the battery, and the nice screen is worth the small hassle of charging for an hour or so twice a month. The Fitbit One isn’t waterproof, so be careful when using it around water and in the rain.

If you don’t want to wear a wristband pedometer, the Fitbit One is a great alternative. It’s housed in a rubber and plastic clip you attach to your clothing, pocket, bag or fashion accessories. Still, it’s a little inconvenient that you can’t wear it like a watch during workouts like other pedometers we reviewed.

Apps & Connectivity

Hands down, the Fitbit has one of the best step-tracking apps we reviewed. It has more features, customization options and data storage than any of the others we tested. While the device itself only saves seven days of detailed information and 23 days of overview data, the app can keep years of information. The One syncs with your phone and the app via Bluetooth, so as long as you sync once a week, you can keep all your stats. The charts and graphs in the app show your data in 15-minute intervals, so you can see down to the minute how many steps you’ve taken throughout your day.

The Fitbit One is one of the best step counters because it gives you the option to fully customize your goals. The app lets you set goals for steps, distance, calories, water intake, sleep, active minutes and more. You can even rearrange these goals and select which one is most important to you.

Help & Support

Fitbit provides more than enough help should you have questions about your pedometer. You can contact technical support by email, phone and live chat. In addition, the company’s website has how-to videos, care suggestions, One-specific FAQs, a community forum and more. Fitbit also includes a 12-month warranty on the One.


The Fitbit One is a fantastic pedometer for walking because its highly accurate and easy to work, and it also has a longer feature list than other pedometers in our review. The app makes this step counter watch easy to customize, so you’ll have no trouble tracking your daily steps.

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