Pros / According to our tests, the Fitbit Zip counts steps more accurately than any other pedometer.

Cons / The Zip is only water-resistant, not waterproof, so you can’t swim while wearing it.

 Verdict / The Fitbit Zip is one of the best pedometers because it has wide variety of features, tracks a lot of metrics and has an easy-to-use interface.

The Fitbit Zip is the best pedometer we reviewed because it’s so easy to use, yet it has so many helpful step-tracking features. Using the Fitbit app and Zip pedometer, you can customize your goals, and your data syncs via Bluetooth so you can quickly see your progress over time. The Fitbit Zip earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for its tap screen with real-time stats; accuracy; and small, lightweight design.

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  • Battery Life
  • Waterproof
  1. The longer the battery life, the less you have to charge or replace the battery.
    More is Better.
  2. 1  Fitbit Zip
    6.0 Months
  3. 0.07 Months
  4. 0.16 Months
  5. Category Average
    4.92 Months

Tracking Accuracy

The Fitbit Zip was the most accurate step counter in our review. For every 5,000 steps we took, it was only two steps off the actual count. Most of the other pedometers we tested were about 100 steps off. The Fitbit Zip isn’t just the best step counter – it also accurately tracks other metrics. It reported the exact number of active minutes as our actual count. Also, it was only 1 mile off for every 5 miles tracked; it isn’t perfect, but more than half of the pedometers we tested had the same error rate when tracking distance. It was also only about 100 calories off of an actual day’s worth of burned calories, so it is still helpful if you’re tracking about 2,000 calories a day. The Zip was a consistent favorite in our test group, as our reviewers found it to be incredibly easy to use, very accurate and highly motivating.


The Fitbit Zip is designed to be worn anywhere, and the clip is easy to attach to your clothing and accessories. You can’t wear this step counter pedometer on your wrist, but its silicone and metal housing is durable and doesn’t slip. The tracker itself sits inside the silicone body and is easy to slip out when you need to change the battery. The pedometer runs on a coin cell battery that lasts for a full six months before it needs to be replaced, which is impressive.

The Fitbit Zip is one of only a few pedometers that lets you see almost all of your stats in real time, right on the screen. The small screen is easy to read in daylight or lowlight and works with either a tap or a swipe. The LCD screen displays distance, steps, calories burned and the time. It even displays a smiley face when you wake it up, making it one of the friendliest pedometers we tested.

We found the Zip’s screen to be extremely easy to use, and you don’t have to read a complicated manual to understand how to change modes. You just tap or swipe the screen until you see the metric you’re looking for. The Zip is so user friendly, it’s also a great pedometer to teach kids about how activity impacts their health.

This pedometer is water-resistant, so it can survive a few raindrops. It’s small and discreet too, only about an inch wide, so you can wear it all day. The Zip comes in four different colors: green, blue, pink and black.

Apps & Connectivity

The Fitbit Zip is a Bluetooth pedometer that syncs directly with the Fitbit app on your phone. The app itself is one of the Fitbit Zip’s best features, and you can use it to customize goals, interact with friends and family, and record food and water intake. The progress charts in the app show you how you’ve improved overtime, your progress toward your daily goal, and how much further you have to go on your long-term goals. The Fitbit challenges, badges and adventures make taking steps fun and competitive, which helps motivate you to be more active.

If you don’t have a smartphone or don’t want to use the app, the Zip also comes with a wireless dongle that connects it with your computer so you can use the online version. The Fitbit Zip stores seven days of detailed data and up to 23 days of daily overviews on the device itself, so be sure to sync once a week or so with either the app or your computer to save your data.

Help & Support

If you have questions about this step counter, you can contact the Fitbit support team via email, phone and online chat. We found the company’s online help section to be extremely useful, as its topics are sorted by product and problem. You can also connect with other users on the community help forum. A 12-month warranty covers the Zip in case of defects or other problems.


The Fitbit Zip is one of the most accurate pedometers, and it is very easy to use. Also, the helpful Fitbit app works in tandem with the step counter to motivate you to meet your step goals. Whether you want to take more steps or just track the steps you’re already taking, the Fitbit Zip is the best option because it’s durable, simple and fun to wear.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Help & Support

12 Months


Ease of Use
Battery Life
6 Months
Form Factor
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Apps & Connectivity

App Interface
History on Device (Days)
7 to 23
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