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Jawbone UP Move Review

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PROS / The Jawbone Up Move has a large storage capacity and can keep your walking data safe for up to nine months.

CONS / Since this pedometer doesn’t have a screen you can’t see your progress until you sync with the app.

 VERDICT / The Jawbone Up is a small and unobtrusive device to help you accurately track your steps.

The Jawbone Up Move pedometer keeps count of your daily steps, distance traveled, and sleep quality. This tiny tracker fits perfectly anywhere since its little clip body is easy to attach to your clothing, bags, pockets, accessories or shoes.

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Like the best pedometers, the Jawbone Up does a great job at tracking steps. We found it commonly tracked within 50 steps of the actual count. Distance tracked was also fairly accurate, but active minutes and calories were much less accurate. This pedometer is best for steps overall, but look elsewhere if you’re looking to track other workout metrics closely.

  1. The longer the battery life, the less you have to charge or replace the battery.
    More is Better.
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This step counter is one of the smallest on our lineup. The hard silicone body is durable, water resistant and has a 6-month battery so there’s no need to worry about recharging. The clip on the back lets you hook it anywhere on your person, but we found it tracks best when attached to your hips – on pockets, belts, bottom of jackets, tops of pants. There are two modes on the Jawbone Up that you can access by holding down the button. The step mode is the default but you can switch back and forth to sleep mode as you sleep and nap. Although the button is convenient, we found the Jawbone Up Move hard to use as there is no screen or light display alerting you to your real time progress.

While the Jawbone app does provide help and important details about your day, you still have to sync the tracker to access your data. Fortunately the Up Move is Bluetooth so syncing shouldn’t be too difficult, but is tedious to remember. This step counter pedometer does keep 9 months of your data safe in case you forget to sync. Custom goals inside the app are convenient and encouraging but this non-intuitive app wasn’t a favorite during testing.

Jawbone provides a 12-month warranty for the Up Move so if you experience a defect, you’ve covered. Phone numbers and an email address are also available on the website for tech support.


The Jawbone Up Move is a great pedometer for walking if you need something small and discreet. While you won’t get instant feedback since it has no screen, the Jawbone Up Move is still a great way to track your daily steps.

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