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Misfit Flash Review

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PROS / This pedometer also works as a watch. By tapping a button, you can switch from progress to clock and back again.

CONS / Its step tracking isn’t very accurate, so the Flash can only give you a general idea of your activity level, not exact numbers.

 VERDICT / This simple device is versatile and easy to use all day long, although it isn’t the most accurate pedometer available.

The Misfit Flash pedometer can be worn two ways, is waterproof and also functions as a clock. While it wasn’t the most accurate pedometer in our testing, the Misfit Flash is extremely versatile and works for everyday activity and any type of workout.

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Its accuracy when tracking distance and active minutes is right on par with many of the best step counter watches, but step count and calorie accuracy were a bit lower – for 5,000 actual steps, the Flash would only report about 4,000. This is good enough if you just want to encourage yourself to walk extra or know in general how active you are but not great if you value accuracy.

  1. The longer the battery life, the less you have to charge or replace the battery.
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Pedometers for walking like the Flash typically attach to your shirt or pocket via a clip or to your wrist using a wristband. The Flash can do both, as it comes with two housings. With the wristband, you can wear the pedometer like a watch, and using the clip, you can attach it almost anywhere: pants leg, suit coat pocket, belt, pants pocket, strap of a swimming suit, and on and on. Whether your wear it like a pedometer bracelet or clip, the battery lasts up to six months before it needs to be replaced, which is great if you don’t want another device to charge. This waterproof pedometer can be submerged in up to 3 ATM of water, which makes it safe to wear in the shower, while doing the dishes or in the swimming pool at the rec center.

To view data on this wrist pedometer, you tap the display – the whole face is a hidden smart button. Depending on your settings, you either see a clock first or a circle of lights indicating how close you are to meeting your goal for the day. For example, if the lights light up half way around the perimeter, you’ve reached 50 percent of your goal, and if they light up to 9 o’clock, you’ve completed 75 percent of your goal for the day.

The accompanying app lets you view all the data you can’t see on the pedometer itself, including numbers, details and progress bars. This Bluetooth pedometer can automatically and manually transfer your data to your phone and lets you set custom step goals, and it even tracks the quality of your sleep.

This wristband pedometer comes with a 12-month warranty, which is pretty standard for the industry. We also found Misfit help and support technicians to be helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. Should you ever have an issue, you can consult the manual and online support page or email Misfit directly; the company doesn’t list a tech support phone number.


The Misfit Flash is a great value if you want a versatile device to track your steps and daily activities. The unique display shows you your progress while saving on battery life. Still, it needs to be a little more accurate to compete with the best pedometers we reviewed.

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