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Striiv Fusion Lite Review

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PROS / The convenient touchscreen gives you real-time access to all your data.

CONS / The battery only lasts for five days and the history only lasts for four, so you need to sync and charge frequently if you want to keep all your data.

 VERDICT / If you want a pedometer watch to wear all day and don’t mind charging often, the Striiv is a great option.

The Striiv Fusion Lite is a unique pedometer in that it has smartwatch features such as a touchscreen and call notifications. Even though it has high-tech extras, it focuses on the basic features you need to track steps, distance, active minutes and calories burned. 

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Wristband pedometers like the Striiv Fusion Lite generally use LED lights to show your progress, but the Striiv has a full touchscreen to view each and every stat. During testing, we found the pedometer was very accurate at tracking steps and distance – it was often within 25 steps and .4 miles of the actual numbers. On the other hand, it reported less time and fewer calories than our actual calculations when tracking active minutes and calories burned.

  1. The longer the battery life, the less you have to charge or replace the battery.
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This pedometer bracelet doesn’t have a clip option like other pedometers on our lineup – you can only wear it on your wrist. It also differs from the other pedometers we tested because it has a touchscreen, which allows you to see your steps as you take them. The screen was easy and convenient to use during testing, but we did find that it drains the battery fast. The battery only lasts about five days, so you need to charge this device fairly often. Also, this watch pedometer is only water resistant, so be sure not to completely submerge it in water.

Since the pedometer has Bluetooth, you can sync all your data to the app very easily. Be sure to do it every day or so, since you can only keep about four days worth on the device. The app’s custom goal and sleep monitoring features work well, but it doesn’t provide the same level of detail as other wrist pedometer apps we reviewed, and it is also less intuitive.

Like the best pedometer watches, the Striiv Fusion has a 12-month warranty to protect you against getting a dud. Striiv also provides a manual and email tech support on its website.


The Striiv Fusion Lite is a pedometer with modern features and a small price tag. These, along with its touchscreen and highly accurate step count, make it a convenient and effective pedometer.

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