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Withings Go Review

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PROS / The Withings Go is waterproof up to 5 ATM, or 50 meters, and it tracks your swim strokes as steps.

CONS / This device only houses 10 days of memory, so you need to sync with the app frequently to save all of your data.

 VERDICT / The Withings Go is a durable, highly accurate device you can take with you for any workout.

The Withings Go pedometer is a simple yet accurate step tracking device you can wear on your wrist or anywhere else with the included clip. It only has two screen modes, which show you your goal and the time so as to not bog you down in other details. It’s fully waterproof, the battery life lasts for eight months and it’s incredibly convenient to use to track your steps and swimming laps. 

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  1. The longer the battery life, the less you have to charge or replace the battery.
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    8 Months
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    4.92 Months

Tracking Accuracy

The Withings Go is one of the best pedometers we tested when it comes to accuracy. We gave it top ratings for how accurately it tracks steps, distance and active minutes – in our testing, it exactly reported active minutes, was within 0.04 miles of our actual distance traveled and was less than 100 steps off for every 5,000 steps we took. Its calorie tracking was also very close, which makes the Go expertly accurate in all of its health tracking.

For more exact accuracy, we recommend wearing the Withings Go near your hip with the included clip attachment, as that is the best place to register movement. We tested the Withings both as a wristband and a clip, though, and the wrist option is still just as accurate.


This pedometer bracelet is extremely flexible, and you can either wear it as a wrist pedometer or as a clip attached to your clothing or a bag. The actual pedometer is a small disk that slips easily into its rubber housing, and you can switch the way you wear it as often as you want without any trouble.

It has an impressive battery life of eight months, and you need to replace the coin cell battery when it loses its charge. The battery lasts so long because the pedometer has a minimalist black-and-while screen that doesn’t require much power, especially when compared to more colorful interactive screens. The Go has what Withings calls an e-ink screen – it is always on and easy-to-see like an eReader screen. The screen itself has two modes you can tap between: clock and step goal. The clock mode shows what time it is, and the step goal mode shows how close you are to meeting your step goal for the day. For example, if your goal is 10,000 steps and you’ve only taken 7,500, the screen will show bars all the way from 12:00 to 9:00, or 75 percent complete. This is great if you’re mostly concerned with your step goal and not the actual number of steps, distance or other metrics. Since it is such a simple device, you need the app to view information that’s not displayed on the screen.

Another one of the step counter’s great design features is that it’s waterproof. The Withings Go is waterproof up to 50 meters, or 5 ATM, which means you can wear it in the shower, while doing laps in the pool and on a rainy day runs. This is one of the few waterproof pedometers we reviewed, and it’s also one of the best because the screen is still visible underwater. Both the wristband and clip work with a swimsuit.

Apps & Connectivity

The Withings Go is a Bluetooth pedometer that syncs your data with the accompanying app. Since it doesn’t show any data on the screen, you use the Withings Health Mate app to see all of your daily details, including how many steps you take each hour, how many miles you travel, how many calories you burn and your progress toward your custom goal. The app isn’t as intuitive as those for other pedometers we reviewed, but we found during testing that it still provides you with all the information you need to get healthy.

Help & Support

Like most step counter pedometers, the Withings Go has a 12-month warranty to protect against damage and defects. We didn’t need a manual or customer support to set up and use this wristband pedometer, but both are available on the Withings website, and both are easy to use.


The Withings Go is one of the best step counters for its accuracy and simplicity. It doesn’t show your metrics on the screen, but this simple pedometer is still super convenient, can be worn two ways, is fully waterproof and has an extra-long battery life.

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