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Bluetooth Speakers Reviews

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Bluetooth Speakers Review

Why Buy a Bluetooth Speaker?

Nothing livens up a dull moment like a good song. Music brings people together. We dance to it. We sing along to it. We contemplate lyrics and hum the melodies. Music is one of the fundamental arts that make life better. With a portable Bluetooth speaker, you can bring your music wherever the party takes you. Whether you're enjoying a relaxing day at the park with family or spending the evening at a beach bonfire with your friends, a wireless Bluetooth speaker can provide the music for the occasion.

Bluetooth technology allows you to send digital audio signals wirelessly to receivers at a standard range of 33 feet. You don't have to plug anything in. There aren't any wires to worry about installing or connecting. You simply pair the mobile device with the Bluetooth speaker and the audio from your mobile device plays through the speaker. The best Bluetooth speakers, such as the Fugoo, Jabra Solemate and Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom, are also designed to resist water, sand and impact so that you can take your music on all of your adventures. For more information, read our articles on Bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth Speakers: What to Look For

The most important feature of any Bluetooth wireless speaker is the audio quality. If it doesn't sound good, there's no point in it. Next, you'll want to consider the battery life. For a Bluetooth speaker to be truly portable, it needs to be able to perform for long periods without access to an outlet. After audio quality and battery life, you'll want to consider the controls and durability. The best Bluetooth speakers have bodies designed to perform in the harshest environments.

Below are the criteria you'll want to consider when choosing the best Bluetooth speaker.

Audio Performance
Audio quality is paramount. We rated the Bluetooth speakers based on their ability to reproduce all the frequency ranges accurately using a wide variety of genres. The bass and midrange need to be balanced and detailed, and the high-range treble needs to be crisp. We considered the number of active drivers and bass radiators. We also considered the speaker design, whether it provides simulated surround sound or if it has dead spots. The best Bluetooth speakers have omnidirectional designs that sound as good outside as it does inside.

Battery Performance
Most Bluetooth speakers rely on a rechargeable battery so that you don't have to leave it tethered to an outlet when you're streaming music. However, the battery life of a Bluetooth wireless speaker can range drastically, from six hours to 40 hours.

The best Bluetooth speakers also function as battery banks for your mobile devices. If your phone or tablet's battery is running low, you can plug the device into the Bluetooth speaker's USB port and charge it. The Bluetooth speaker should also have a battery life indicator so that you know how much life remains.

Controls & Durability
There are several different Bluetooth profiles to consider. These profiles allow the speaker and the device to communicate with various control features. The Headset Profile allows you to use the speaker as a speakerphone. The Hands-Free Profile allows you to use voice commands. The Audio/Video Remote Control Profile allows you to control your playlist from the speaker. Without it, you can only pause or skip songs from your phone or tablet.

For a Bluetooth speaker to be portable, it needs to be durable. This means that it can handle bumps and drops. The best Bluetooth speakers are even water and sand resistant, allowing you to play them around the pool or beach. Many Bluetooth speakers have mounts and straps that allow you to take them hiking, biking or rafting.

Help & Support
Most Bluetooth speakers have a one-year warranty. The best Bluetooth speakers provide strong support, allowing you to contact representatives through phone, email and live chatting services. You should also have access to a detailed FAQs page and downloadable manuals. Many Bluetooth speakers also provide firmware updates to keep the digital processor up to date with current trends.

Whether the party is at the beach, high on the mountain or in your backyard, there's no reason why you can't have all your favorite tunes filling the air. With a Bluetooth speaker, you are the DJ. With a Bluetooth speaker, you and your friends can have a soundtrack wherever you go.