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Mini Projector Reviews

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Mini Projector Review

Why Buy a Mini Projector?

As a society, we are no longer bound by state lines or even oceans. It isn't a big thing to fly across the country for a day so you can give a presentation to the remote office. With laptops, tablets and smart phones taking over the computer industry, giving a presentation doesn't have to be difficult either, especially with the help of a mini projector like the M2 Micro Projector, Acer K11 or Optoma PK301 Pico. No longer do you have to worry about lugging around a 15 pound projector worth over two grand. These projectors are small enough to fit easily into your carry-on, and some can even fit in a shirt pocket. The only problem now is trying to decide which best pocket projector is right for you. For more information, check out the articles on mini projectors.

Mini Projector: What to Look For

When looking through the various products, we searched for the best mobile projector by taking into consideration the picture quality, available ports, features and how easy each product was to use. These projectors are built on a smaller scale and don't have the same picture quality options as larger projectors, simply because of the smaller space to work with. However, these tiny products are powerful enough to make your presentation look good for the board of directors and to help you enjoy a movie night with family or friends.

Picture Quality
Though the smaller size makes these mini projectors easier to carry, it does mean giving up some of the brightness as well as the contrast. The image size and the resolution also play a big part in the picture quality. The projectors that have the highest contrast ratio, brightness, and resolutions are the ones that also have the best picture quality.

Not all mini projectors are created equal when it comes to the available ports. While all the products are useful in their own way, some of the products have excellent options when it comes to how you hook up the external devices you want to use. We were pleased with the variety of ports we found on many models, including USB, Composite AV and VGA ports. A few products even have HDMI options.

While the picture quality and the connectivity are important, you need to make sure to take into consideration the other features the mini projector has to offer. Some of these include built-in speakers, batteries, SD cards and internal memory. With all of these options available, you are sure to find a product that best suits your needs and the location of where you'll be using it.

Ease of Use
Nothing is worse than getting ready for a presentation and experiencing equipment failure. You stand there, trying to figure out what went wrong with the portable laptop projector, while everyone watches you. When looking at all of these mini projectors we took into account the setup and control of the unit. Many come with remotes that make it especially easy to control your presentation.

With mobile devices flooding the market, it only makes sense to invest in a mini projector that doesn't weigh a thousand times more than your device. Now when you have a quick two-day trip to the other side of the country, you don't have to worry about lugging a projector through the airport or stuffing it in the trunk of your rental. Just slip the mini projector in your pocket and off you go.