Audio Pro Addon C5A review

The Audio Pro Addon C5A takes Swedish design and adds in some of the smartest voice controls and more

Audio Pro Addon C5A
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The Audio Pro Addon C5A is a smart Alexa voice controlled speaker that packs powerful and precise audio performance into a portable and beautifully minimalist Swedish design package. You really do get a lot for the price here.


  • +

    Alexa voice controls

  • +

    Stunning design

  • +

    Detailed and rich audio


  • -

    Not that new anymore

  • -

    Basic app

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The Audio Pro Addon C5A has to be one of the best smart speakers out there right now thanks to a winning combination of Swedish design and fantastic voice controlled smarts. All that makes for some of the best sounding audio you can get at this price point, bar none.

While this is a compact speaker that comes packing a helpful carry handle, it must be made clear this isn't totally portable. You still need to plug this into mains power to get up and running and this is not a battery powered speaker. That said, it can be easily moved about the home, or into the garden as needed.

This model is the third generation in this impressive range following the C5 and the C5 MkII. It sits between the cheaper Addon C3 and the top-end Addon C10.

So why is this called the Addon C5A? That A stands for Alexa as this is a smart assistant enabled speaker that allows you to control it using your voice or the Alexa app. As such this works as part of a multi room system.

Audio Pro Addon C5A: Design

  • Attractive portable design
  • 40W Digital Class D amp
  • 5.1 x 9.8 x 5.9 inches

The Audio Pro Addon C5A is one of those speakers that will enhance any room that is lucky enough to have it there. Clean lines and a minimalist finish with lots of metallic buttons and a semi-gloss outer make this a stunner. And it's a perfect size which fits in between being small and portable enough to live anywhere you need but still heavy enough to pack quality audio.

Audio Pro Addon C5A

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You've got the leather handle with the branding embossed on the top both for the look and to make moving this about easy. Then there is a button for the voice controlled assistant to activate, and another to turn off the mic to stop it listening. You also have a selection of controls for volume, play/pause, power, input, Bluetooth and four presets. There is also an aux in port should you need to run anything else through this little wonderbox.

On the back you have a left and right line-in, an Ethernet port and a phone out USB charging port. Plus a sub out port should you want even more bass than this impressive speaker already offers.

Audio Pro Addon C5A

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Audio Pro Addon C5A: Features

  • Alexa voice controls
  • Spotify, Apple, Bluetooth support
  • Portability

The Audio Pro Addon C5A is a relatively minimalist machine in terms of design and features. It does what it offers well, rather than trying to offer too much in one package. 

As such this delivers plenty of sound performance with lots of options to add-on. That could mean using the Bluetooth 4.0 connection to play directly from a smartphone – which can be charged using the USB out port on the rear. Or that could be to stream.

Audio Pro Addon C5A

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There are plenty of streaming options with direct support for Amazon's Alexa to play what you want or to stream directly over the Wi-Fi using Spotify or Apple AirPlay. This even supports Apple's lossless audio for the best possible playback quality.

Then there is that sub option that allows you to really power the output to new levels. Combine that with an aux in and you have the option to supercharge the audio from a whole host of input devices – making this worth far more than the price tag would suggest.

Audio Pro Addon C5A

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Audio Pro Addon C5A: Performance

  • Excellent bass
  • Superb balance
  • Spot-on rhythm

The Audio Pro Addon C5A is a really impressive performer for its size. Thanks to that 40W Class D amp, 10cm woofer and pair of 18mm tweeters, this is capable of all sorts of sound somersaults. 

As mentioned the bass is plentiful, without overpowering the other instruments. You can go very loud without worrying about distortion affecting what you're playing – making this house party worthy.

Rhythm is also worth noting as this is able to hold perfect time with the dynamics of musical playback coming across as effortlessly well organized. 

Usefully, this also offers a voice assistant with excellent microphone pickup that is near perfect at understanding your commands every time you call out for your next favorite track to play. 

Audio Pro Addon C5A

(Image credit: Future)

Audio Pro Addon C5A: Price

  • US$299 / £249

The Audio Pro Addon C5A is available now in the US priced at $299 and is also available in the UK for £249.

Since this has been out for a while now you can expect to find some great deals on this speaker if you shop about first.

It's worth noting that if you buy direct from Audio Pro you will get the speaker complete with a two-year warranty to cover you, giving peace of mind.

Audio Pro Addon C5A

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Should you buy the Audio Pro Addon C5A?

The Audio Pro Addon C5A is ideal if you want something semi-portable that uses mains power and offers plenty of audio grunt and balance without being a full-on hi-fi setup.

For the price this delivers some of the best audio you can get and it does that with useful voice controls and plenty of streaming compatibility. That said, you could go for the level below in the C5, if you don't need an audio assistant feature, and that would save you some money without losing much else.

If this product isn't for you

If more intricate equalizer controls are your thing, then you may be found wanting with this model where the app is basic at best. Something like the Sonos One is a good alternative with wide connectivity and great sound quality while keeping the price relatively low for what you get.

Or if you want to just fill your home with smart speakers for cheap then the Amazon Echo Dot is a great option where sound quality won't be the best but you'll be able to control multi room setups with ease wherever you are.

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