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Fitbit Flex Review

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The Fitbit Flex fitness tracker looks like a stylish bracelet, but it's actually a powerful lifestyle tool to help you or a loved one track physical activity. The Flex costs less than other fitness trackers, making it an excellent value as well as one of the best Christmas gifts for exercising.

Fitness trackers are fitness motivators. By tracking healthy habits and providing feedback on them, they encourage you to move more. Trackers differ in the amount of information they provide, and this Fitbit strikes a fine middle ground. It offers more features than many of the best fitness trackers, yet it avoids the potential overload of features available in a smartwatch.

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Like other trackers, the Flex offers more than what a pedometer does. It includes a step counter, sleep monitor and calorie tracker, among other features. The Flex also monitors activity when you’re asleep, tracking when you toss and turn to help gauge the quality of your overnight rest.

Battery life lasts five days, giving you little excuse to stop exercising midweek because you forgot to recharge your Flex. This tracker is also water resistant, meaning it should withstand daily showers, but can't go with you when you swim. The Flex can also store up to 30 days of data so you can see how you're doing over time.

Available in 11 colors, the Fitbit Flex displays your progress with indicator lights so you don't have to keep looking down at small notifications. As you exercise, successive lights illuminate. When all five lights are lit, you know you've achieved your fitness goal for the day.

A key attraction to this fitness tracker is its automatic and continuous upload of data to your connected mobile device, via Bluetooth. The data is also transferred to your online account in the cloud, so you don't have to manually enter the data or plug it in after each workout. The app allows you to compete with friends for most steps taken, track your daily calorie intake and monitor which parts of your day you are most active. The free Flex app is compatible with iOS and Android, and you can link to other fitness apps like Map My Fitness, My Fitness Pal, Lose It! and more.

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