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Pros / This treadmill supports up to four individual user profiles and has decline capabilities.

Cons / There are no extras included with this simplistic treadmill.

 Verdict / This is a high-quality treadmill expressly designed for running and only that. If you need distractions to run, this may not be the machine for you.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR is a treadmill built for the dedicated runner. This treadmill has a slew of features without any extras. This allows the treadmill to deliver an enjoyable running experience, which is its own reward. The warranty and support are a little thin for a treadmill of this quality, but it may be worth it.

By eschewing the extraneous features included in most treadmills, PaceMaster puts the focus squarely on running. The 3.0-horsepower motor moves the belt at speeds up to 12 mph. This motorized treadmill is one of few treadmills in our review that offer a decline setting in addition to the incline. The decline goes as low as negative three percent, which is great for simulating strength-building downhill runs. This treadmill has a maximum user weight limit of 350 pounds.

This treadmill has many valuable features that help make it a dynamic unit. The 19 exercise programs give you a wide variety of training options that help you build strength and cardiovascular endurance. Several of the programs even simulate real world locations such as San Francisco's Lombard Street, the Appalachian Trail and a few others. The PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR allows up to four people to exercise with their own unique user IDs.

The speed and incline controls are located on the main console in both express and traditional forms, giving you a way to fine tune your running speed or make quick changes on the go. The heart rate programs utilize the heart rate monitors to help you maintain your target heart rate as you work out. The Tri-Flex Impact Shock Management System reduces the impact that running has on your body and helps provide you with a more comfortable run. This is not a folding treadmill.

The warranty offered by PaceMaster doesn't have the same breadth when compared to other treadmill warranties but it is sufficient to protect your investment. The frame is covered for the lifetime of the unit while the motor only carries a 12-year guarantee. Parts and electronics are covered for five years and in-home labor is covered for one year.

PaceMaster has the most disappointing technical support options in our review of the best treadmills. The company maintains a website for customer service, but this only includes email and telephone support. There are no online FAQs or user manuals, but with some effort, you can find a PDF manual through other channels. PaceMaster has no live chat support option available at this time.


This PaceMaster treadmill is a runner's best friend, but lacks many of the extras that make treadmills more enjoyable. Aside from these shortcomings, the PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR is a solid addition to our lineup. If running is its own reward for you, then you'll certainly enjoy this treadmill that focuses on just that.

PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR Visit Site