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Precor TRM 223 Energy Review

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PROS / This treadmill has nine different workout presets.

CONS / It doesn't fold when not in use.

 VERDICT / The Precor Energy treadmill shines in workout options and multiple user functions, but it lacks a bit in conveniences.

The Precor TRM 223 Energy Series is a powerful treadmill designed to help you reach your fitness goals whether you prefer walking, jogging or running. This machine can accommodate users up to 300 pounds, which is slightly less than the standard of 350 pounds. However, its 3-horsepower motor and 57 x 20-inch running surface can handle fast-paced exercising up to 12 mph. You can adjust the running deck to create a 15 percent incline, giving you a more challenging workout.

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This incline treadmill is one of the best when it comes to workout options. It has nine different preset workout programs, including weight loss, aerobic, hill climbing and cross-country. It also has several interval programs that adjust the resistance periodically to give your legs a unique workout. It has a random function and a manual program that lets you start walking without having to first select a program.

  1. This is the maximum speed of a given treadmill.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 8 Precor
    12 mph
  3. 12 mph
  4. 12 mph
  5. 12 mph
  6. Category Average
    11.50 mph

This treadmill lets you create two user profiles with preferred workout settings saved under each. This gives two people the opportunity to easily work out with their own preferences on the same machine, or you can use the profiles to create different custom programs that you can alternate between to mix up your exercise routine.

Part of a good running treadmill is the ability to monitor your heart rate to ensure it is within a healthy target zone. The Precor TRM 223 Energy has heart rate monitors on the handle grips. It also has the capability to monitor your heart rate with a chest monitor. This type of monitoring is convenient if you are working out at a fast pace and don’t want to break your rhythm to grasp the handlebars. However, this treadmill doesn’t come with a chest monitor strap. You will have to purchase this separately if you want to use it.

While the Precor Energy treadmill is strong in workout programs and monitoring features, it lacks in convenience features. It doesn’t have a cooling fan or a touchscreen console, nor is it foldable like the best treadmills we reviewed, which would make it easier to store when not in use. It does, however, have a tablet holder above the console along with an audio jack and integrates console speakers that let you set up your mobile device in such a way that you can watch a show or listen to music while you work out.

In case anything breaks on your Precor TRM 223 Energy, it is covered by a decent warranty to help you get it repaired. The frame and motor of this treadmill are both covered by a lifetime warranty, which is standard in this industry. The parts to repair your treadmill are covered by a standard five-year warranty, while the console is only covered for two years, which is less than the standard three years other treadmills include.

To answer any questions about your treadmill, including setup, programming and warranties, Precor has both a PDF version of the user annual and a FAQs section on its website. Additionally, for one-on-one assistance, telephone, email and live chat support are all available.


The Precor TRM 223 Energy is a decent, basic treadmill that includes a lot of workout features, such as nine present workout programs, two user profiles and the ability to monitor your heart rate with a chest monitor, though you do have to purchase the monitor separately. It doesn’t have as many built-in accessories to make your workout more convenient as other treadmills do, though it does come with a tablet holder, which isn’t a common feature of basic treadmills.

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