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Vision Fitness T9600 Review

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PROS / The Vision Fitness T9600 treadmill is designed for comfort and durability.

CONS / This treadmill is sorely lacking in help and support options and safety features.

 VERDICT / From the top, down to the motor, Vision Fitness focuses on creating a treadmill that will provide the very best workout for you and your family.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it is no longer available and has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Vision Fitness T9600

Vision Fitness designs their treadmills for comfort, using quality material and testing and retesting for 100 percent reliability. Not only are their treadmills built on the pillars of quality and reliability, but so is their reputation. Vision Fitness T9600 premier treadmill is yet another testament to this company's dedication to creating treadmills to meet the needs of athletes around the world.

Many of you may classify yourselves as dedicated runners or occasional exercisers. The Vision Fitness T9600 treadmill is designed to help you meet your fitness goals, no matter what they are. This premier treadmill is packed with fantastic programs displayed on the beautifully designed console.

This treadmill is perfect for family use as you can have up to six user login profiles. Think of a login profile like your email account. Your account is unique to you and saves all of your important information. When you first start working out on this treadmill, create a login account with your own preferences. Each time you begin a workout, you can use these saved preferences, or change them. Your workout miles, calories burned, heart rate and other information will be stored in your treadmill account.

Your motorized treadmill has an array of programs for you to use during your workout including:

  • 6 classic programs
  • 4 heart-rate programs
  • 3 goal programs
  • 5 custom programs
  • 5K, 10K, 15K

Our favorite features of this treadmill include the four background scenes and slideshow that you can view while working out. These treadmill features allow for additional customization, making your workout personal and more enjoyable. Other treadmill features that will make your workout more enjoyable and productive include:

  • DVD and A/V ports
  • USB port
  • Quick-start button
  • Speed and elevation quick keys
  • Ergonomic handlebar
  • Accessory tray
  • Telemetric and chest heart rate sensors

Running is hard on your joints, especially if you are running on a surface such as pavement or a gym floor with no support or cushioning. The Vision Fitness treadmill gives you the cushion you need and limits the effect the jarring up-down motion can cause to your joints, back and other parts of your body. Designed for comfort, this treadmill features an orthopedic cushioned running belt, providing you with 4.4mm of extra cushion goodness.

The Vision Fitness T9600 is not only built for comfort, it's built to withstand your constant use. This treadmill features an extra-heavy gauge steel welded frame which creates the rock solid platform, ideal for heavier (up to 400 pounds) and taller users. This frame also ensures that orthopedic cushioning is contained within the deck.

From the top down to the motor, Vision Fitness created a treadmill that will provide the very best workout for you and your family. This treadmill employs the Cambridge Motor Works 3.0 horsepower motor, which ensures your workout is smooth and controlled from start to finish.

The pre-waxed treadmill deck, crowned rollers, belt guides and adjustable feet not only contribute to improve the quality of your run, these high-quality features also guarantee an extended deck and belt life.

We are surprised that Vision Fitness put so much effort into creating a comfortable treadmill, but missed the opportunity to create a truly exceptional treadmill by shrinking the size of the belt. Typically, the width of a belt on a running machine is between 33 inches to 35 inches and above. This treadmill is only 29 inches wide, which may be a problem if you require more walking or running space.

The key and clip is an important treadmill feature, but is not included on this treadmill, which is both surprising and disappointing. This treadmill does have non-slip foot rails and handrails for you to hold on both sides of the treadmill.

We were disappointed with the pitiful help and support options for this treadmill. We had to really search to find the assembly guide and user manual, which is extremely outdated. You are able to access a free brochure on the product page, which lists some information about the product.

Purchasing a fitness treadmill is an investment, so choosing a treadmill with a warranty to match your investment is crucial. This premier treadmill boasts a lifetime warranty on the motor and the frame. The electronics and parts both have a five-year warranty and labor has a one-year warranty.


The Vision Fitness T9600 premier treadmill has some great features, including the full-color LCD screen, quick-touch speed and incline buttons conveniently located on the handlebars, USB port and user account IDs. We were disappointed with the help and support options, safety features and the skinny treadmill belt.

Vision Fitness T9600