Pros / The Fitbit Blaze tracks everything, including heart rate, steps and distance, and it displays the information on an attractive, large touchscreen.

Cons / This large and heavy heart rate monitor isn’t great for small wrists, and it’s way heavier than other watches in our review.

 Verdict / If you need a smartwatch and heart rate monitor combo, the Blaze fills both roles well, with advanced heart rate tracking and smartphone notifications and controls.

The Fitbit Blaze is a heart rate monitor watch and smartwatch hybrid. It displays your heart rate on a large screen along with all sorts of smartwatch features like notifications and music controls. The Blaze is a good mixture of high-class features and classic fitness tracking.

During our heart rate monitor testing, we manually tracked BPM for targeted heart rate levels and cross-referenced with each tracker. The Blaze performed well – it wasn’t the most accurate device we tested, but it was always within just a few beats. It’s a wrist heart rate monitor and not a chest strap, and the device itself was hard to maneuver into the optimal position on small wrists during our testing, so placement could affect your heart rate data. However, we found the Blaze was accurate enough for casual athletes.

The touchscreen interface is very responsive, easy to read in all lighting conditions, and has three buttons for notifications and controls. Because the touchscreen is nice and bright, it tends to drain the battery – the battery life is only about five days, depending on your usage and settings. To charge the Blaze, you pop it out of its holder and close the charger around it like a suitcase. It’s much less convenient that simply plugging in a micro USB.

The Blaze tracks almost every possible non-heart-rate metric. It keeps detailed stats about your step count, calories burned, active minutes, sleep, stairs climbed and distance traveled, and it stores them for months or years at a time.

With the Fitbit app, you can use the Blaze to track your fitness day over day or over a year. Goals are also incredibly easy to set in the app, and everything is very customizable. In addition, you don’t need to worry about transferring data – the Blaze is Bluetooth-enabled, so just open the app and it starts syncing.

Unfortunately, the Fitbit Blaze isn’t waterproof like most of Fitbit’s other trackers – it’s only water-resistant. You should wipe off water very quickly, even after you come in from a rainy run. Another downside is the Blaze’s weight. It weighs 42 grams, which is much heavier than other devices we tested. It is bulkier compared to the other top heart rate monitors but a whole lot slimmer compared to other smartwatches. As an alternative to a smartwatch, the Blaze can control your music settings, display different clock faces, show notifications for texts and calls, set alarms, and track exercise.

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  • Heart Rate Accuracy
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  • Waterproof
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While it isn’t the slimmest or the most waterproof, the Fitbit Blaze has clever smartwatch features and an excellent app. It’s one of the best heart rate monitors for more than just exercise.

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