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Mio Velo Review

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PROS / The Mio Velo is compatible with a variety biking accessories and apps, and it features handy Bluetooth syncing.

CONS / There isn’t a screen on this device, so you have to rely on your phone for detailed information.

 VERDICT / If you’re a biker, the Mio Velo is uniquely geared to track your heart rate on the trails or the road, but it can track other exercises as well.

Geared specifically towards cycling, the Mio Velo heart rate monitor watch tracks and records your heart rate during your ride. While it works just like any other heart rate monitor, it’s more compatible with biking computers, sensors and apps than other products we reviewed. Its versatility also allows you to track your heart rate during activities such as running, walking and more.

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With a 95 percent accuracy score during our testing, we found the Velo to be perfectly able to accurately track your heart rate during a barrage of different exercises. However, this continuous heart rate monitor needs to be in a certain exercise mode to record charts and graphs of your heart rate. Since it doesn’t have a screen, you need to rely on the app for detailed information.

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The Velo itself displays colored LED lights corresponding to your heart rate zones; for example, you could set blue to resting, yellow to moderate and red to maximum. These custom color heart rate zones are easy to read and very helpful. Even without a screen, active heart rate tracking only lasts for eight hours before the battery dies. Wrist-based sensors make this watch particularly easy to use, as its strapless technology is much easier to don than a clunky chest strap.

The top heart rate monitors track metrics like distance traveled and calories burned in addition to heart rate to give you a good view of your health and exercise intensity. However, the Mio Velo only tracks heart rate and active minutes via its two apps: Mio Global and Mio Pai. This Bluetooth heart rate monitor is also compatible with a longer list of GPS watches, bike computers and bike sensors than other watches on our lineup. 


This comfortable heart rate monitor is a great option if you’re a cyclist who dislikes chest straps. With a high accuracy score and multiple compatible apps, the Mio Velo is a convenient choice if you don’t need extra features and a screen.

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