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Striiv Fusion Bio Review

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PROS / This is one of the lightest heart rate monitor watches in our review. Weighing in at 20 grams, it’s a breeze to wear all day or during hard workouts.

CONS / Since this watch is only water resistant, you need to be really careful about submerging it in water or getting it wet with rain, water or sweat.

 VERDICT / The Striiv Fusion Bio is a great blend of a fitness tracker and heart rate monitor. Since it’s the lightest watch on our lineup, it’s one of the easiest to wear as well.

The Striiv Fusion Bio is a heart rate monitor watch that also tracks your sleep quality, steps taken, fitness level and more. Your heartbeat is a button away at all times, and the app keeps track of your resting heart rate over time. The Striiv Fusion Bio is a great device if you’re looking to get healthy and lower your resting heart rate.

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This is one of the best heart rate monitor watches because it’s well-rounded and reports other health metrics in addition to heart rate. It can track your steps taken, distance traveled, active minutes, calories burned and more. We found its heart rate readings to be about 94 percent accurate during testing, which is about average for this type of strapless heart rate monitor.

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You have to tap the heart rate icon on the device to see your current heart rate, but it continuously tracks your resting heart rate all day long. It’s beneficial to keep track of your resting heart rate, as it can be a good indicator of your overall health.

Viewing a targeted heart rate on this device is a bit more complicated. The watch actually says “Don’t move. Be seated” when trying to find your heart rate. If you jostle around too much, it starts over. This is incredibly frustrating if you’re out for a run. It also takes about 15 seconds for the information to actually show up, and by then you heart rate could have decreased.

This continuous heart rate monitor excels with its touchscreen design. On the screen, you can swipe through all of your metrics and change settings as well as see smartwatch notifications with a vibrating alarm, the current weather, the date and time, and more. The screen isn’t as touch sensitive as it could be, and this can slow you down when you’re in a hurry to check data. The horizontal display is also hard to read, as the band sits perpendicular to your arm – you must twist your wrist to read the screen.

The Fusion Bio uses the Striiv app to display your historical data, and it syncs via Bluetooth so you have quick access to your information on your phone. While the app is very simple and goes into limited depth, it has everything you need. This watch is also compatible with other fitness apps you may already use.

This skinny and slick heart rate monitor is the lightest on our lineup, weighing in at only 20 grams. This makes it extremely easy to tote around on your toughest workouts and training sessions. It’s also thin and available in three different colors, so you can wear it all day as a normal watch instead of just during exercise.

To charge the Fusion Bio you place the device in the cradle and connect via USB to a charge hub or port. While it’s easy enough to charge, it must be charged at least every five days, depending on your usage. Tracking your heart rate frequently sucks up more battery life.

You should be cautious when using the Fusion Bio near water, as it is only water resistant and can’t withstand being submerged in water. We also found the sensor had a tough time working when covered in sweat. The band itself isn’t breathable and can get really uncomfortable if you sweat a lot during a workout.


The Striiv Fusion Bio is a top heart rate monitor because of the sheer number of helpful features and its lightweight convenient design. However, it’s not quite as powerful as other more sophisticated devices for hard core heart rate training.

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